Study Finds More Children Being Stricken By marijuana Poisoning

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by pearl75, May 29, 2013.

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    The solution is that they should keep away the brownies from the infants and young children, there's nothing poisonous about Canna-butter but main point is their bodies aren't that fully developed or ready for that type of exposure. 
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    Holy shit I couldnt imagine giving a dose I could barely handle to some child half my weight or less. This is why it is good if there is a bit more actual research done before we really begin handing it out as medicine to all. Those who want to use it for non-medical use should know the risks also, rather than having to assume such. 
  3. Risk assessment #1:  No matter how much you ingest, in any way, shape, or form, you will not die from it.
    Risk assessment #2:  See risk assessment #1.
    Any questions?
    Of course, this discourse best served cold while standing on the policy that most legal drugs that can kill you (and quickly, especially in the hands of a child) should remain legal, while we continue to demonize a harmless plant.
  4. Typical prohibitionist claptrap.
    But "It's for the children"
    Are you stupid? No shit you are not going to die, but these are children, not adults with fully developed minds and bodies. And what good does a "medicine" do if it only makes the patient sick and/or weakens the immune system? Sort of the opposite of the word treatment or cure. Get a life, its a plant, not a miracle. It has drawbacks and it isnt good for anyone and everyone. You dont even have a complete scientific understanding of what is going on. Guess that shows how much of an IT guy you are, low-level answering phones for Microsoft probably. 
  6. What kinda stupid fuck leaves brownies out for a kid to eat. 
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    why are you on a section of this forum dedicated to medical marijuana, than?
    you should do some research yourself, before you sound like the names you call others.
  8. I don't know if it was because I'm high but that article was hard to follow and a bit confusing? How many children had marijuana "poisoning"?
  9. Alrighty smarty pants, please elaborate as to what's going on, and why my medicine is only making me worse?
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    Im encouraging it fully, cant you read?
    Oh and its then, not than. Than denotes equal or lesser typically, and generally designates a number or a hierarchy. Then is a preposition, used to connect words within or begin sentences.
    Keep trying at OSU, its not working.
    You've missed the point entirely.
  12. "14 children -- mostly boys and some as young as 8 months -- were found to have ingested marijuana."
    How the hell does an 8 month old get hold of an edible and eat it?
    And children do not react to cannabis like adults! The most severe case I found was an 14 month old girl who went into a coma after eating hash. She was in the coma for over 48 hours- yet as the huge overdose wore off, she recovered! Which is what happens in all of the cases of "marijuana poisoning"! Cannabis never kills, but it can give your child a very unpleasant time- besides coma or impaired consciousness, tremor, vomiting and severe confusion often occur! A child should not go through all that because he ate a cookie!
    A child overdosing on cannabis is scary for the child, and the parents! Hide your edibles out of the reach of children!
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    Kid eats brownie, kid gets high, parents freak and rush him to icu, next day kids fine (go figure). Symptoms include giggling, loss of balance when walking, euphoria, slurring of language, and decreased cognitive motor skill, nothing to come in the days following release from the hospital.

    Like I said, please elaborate on this "scientific understanding"
    Necessary when correction someone's spelling or grammar. 
    It's only polite.
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    Success stories of medical marijuana use in children range from the treatment of disorders that affect classroom performance such as autism and ADHD to life-threatening conditions such as epilepsy and cancer.
    |A great article. Read full article
  16. Apostrophes.

    Necessary when correction someone's spelling or grammar.

    It's only polite.
    I find it hilarious that you want to correct people on spelling and grammar, yet you post in incomplete sentences. Doesn't that seem a little ironic to anyone else? :wacko:
  17. I don't want to.
    Giving back what was given. 
  18. Derp
  19. I did not read the whole thread, merely skimmed it, but here is my two cents.
    I think the parents of the children(or grandparents, or whomever owned the damn cookies) should be arrested for child endangerment. The same thing would be done if a parent left out alcohol or medicine and a child ate it. So why not the same with marijuana? At this point, it's just more fuel for the fire for the conservatives and the feds. I'm surprised that they haven't come out like a child screaming "SEE?! TOLD YOU ITS BAD, ITS POISONING OUR CHILDREN!"

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