Study- Cannabis as an Ornamental Plant

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  1. I see this study as an indication of the inevitable legalization of cannabis. :thumbsup: I found the fact that cannabis is an "aromatic" plant is listed as a plus was kind of amusing in light of how many people get upset about the odor. There is a fair amount of statistics in spots, but you can skip over those parts. And I have to admit, I have never seen a cannabis plant like what they show as an example for a variegated plant! :confused_2:

    Link leads to the full study.

    New Insight into Ornamental Applications of Cannabis: Perspectives and Challenges.
    (Iran/ Canada) (full – 2022) New Insight into Ornamental Applications of Cannabis: Perspectives and Challenges

    The characteristic growth habit, abundant green foliage, and aromatic inflorescences of cannabis provide the plant with an ideal profile as an ornamental plant. However, due to legal barriers, the horticulture industry has yet to consider the ornamental relevance of cannabis. To evaluate its suitability for introduction as a new ornamental species, multifaceted commercial criteria were analyzed. Results indicate that ornamental cannabis would be of high value as a potted-plant or in landscaping. However, the readiness timescale for ornamental cannabis completely depends on its legal status. Then, the potential of cannabis chemotype Ⅴ, which is nearly devoid of phytocannabinoids and psychoactive properties, as the foundation for breeding ornamental traits through mutagenesis, somaclonal variation, and genome editing approaches has been highlighted. Ultimately, legalization and breeding for ornamental utility offers boundless opportunities related to economics and executive business branding.

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  2. I've been growing cannabis as house plants over a decade ago. Love the look and smell, obviously.
  3. In a sensible world we'd be able to grow cannabis in our front lawn for everyone to see, even along the entire pathway to our door if we want. But instead "legalization" comes with laws that force it to be out of public view, and even forcing people indoors in perfect outdoor growing climates (looking at you clownfornia).

    Yeah it would be nice to be able to treat weed like sunflowers but it's definitely not happening soon.

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