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Study: 32.9% chance of cannabis hyperemesis syndrome with daily use.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ngkt, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. The Prevalence of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome Among Regular Marijuana Smokers in an Urban Public Hospital. - PubMed - NCBI

    ☝️☝️☝️ Here is s study which demonstrates a nearly 33% risk of cannabis hyperemesis syndrome among people who use cannabis 20+ days a month. My question is, have you found that to be true either for you or for someone that you know? I’m on my first grow, and I’m a total noob.

    Would love to hear your thoughts. Also, this is not my attempt to malign cannabis. I’m a million percent in favor of decriminalization and legalization.
  2. IF. And that is a REALLY HUGE IF. If it exists at all.(and I have my doubts) it's more like one in 10,000 or one in 100,000
    <-- Been smoking the herb every day since 1972. Still mostly sane. I think. Let me ask a friend !!!.
    Of the hundreds of users I know NONE has ever had it or anything remotely like it.
    If it really was 3 in 10 I'd surely have known of someone by now.

    What I suspect is we have raised 3 generations of whimps who wouldn't know a heavy stone if it bit them on the ass and they just got to high.
    WAAAAAAA Mommy help me.
    Basement dwelling waste of oxygen. LMAO.
    Or it's the same old Reefer madness they been selling since 1930.


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  3. I never heard of of hyperemesis syndrome until I got on this forum. Been smoking since 1968 and never encountered that syndrome, thank goodness.
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  4. Your feedback is reassuring. My fear, of course, is that this would happen to me. I will be taking small amounts it medicinally. Trying to get better, not worse.
  5. I
    I do believe it exists or else it wouldn’t be in the literature. I’ve known one person (out of 50+ known cannabis users) in my life who got CHS. He was a heavy daily user for years. Most of the people I’ve known who use do so recreationally, not daily. My life is not a scientific study though. So I don’t consider my own anecdote to be strong evidence. Thank you for sharing your own experience. Just like with pp, your story provides some reassurance. Thank you for commenting.
  6. I've never met anyone in person that has CHS. I think it's a flawed study. Why question only those who present to an emergency room? A study of pot smokers in the general population would be more appropriate.
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  7. Excellent point. Yes, I agree. That would cause bias. Rather than generalize the study results to the population at large, it makes more sense to study the general population to start with. My other concern with this study is if there are any contaminants which are playing a role.

    Thank you for your feedback.
  8. I’ve been using multiple times daily for 3 years consuming for pain, insomnia, and ptsd and I’ve never had any symptoms like this.
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  9. 1 in 50+ in your personal experience vs literature you quote offering a 1 in 3 chance, hmmm?
  10. So many of us have been puffing every day for many decades and I have only heard of this syndrome recently.
    Maybe the ganja was bad.
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  11. Smoking over 40 years and no.
  12. Every once in a while, in this forum, someone new comes along and posts about their 'feeling ill' after smoking pot.
    It almost always sounds like anxiety.
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  13. I believe chs is definitely real. Although the numbers in that study are probably skewed. I know one other person including myself who had episodes. But there are videos on YouTube and Reddit pages of people sharing their stories as well.

    Mine started shortly after I started smoked dab pens/carts. I would still smoke a blunt everyday with the cart. I don't suffer from anxiety or anything but maybe a month after I started smoking carts. I woke up one morning with the worse stomach pain I've ever felt (imagine starvation levels of hunger while being nauseous). Went to the bathroom and threw up what little I hadn't digested over night. Figured it was all that late night eating I was doing after I smoked and stopped eating before bed and was good for a bit.

    Two weeks after that the same thing happened again but I got myself in the habit of not eating after like 9pm, and it's like 7am in the morning. So my stomach is completely empty and im just dry heaving for like 20 minutes. After I recovered from that episode I looked around the internet and found out about CHS, and a lot of people who did share their stories mentioned it started happening after smoking carts. I threw out my carts that day (about a month ago) and just stuck to flower and haven't had an episode since. To be fair I was not diagnosed by a doctor but what was happening to me was happening to other people the exact same way. A lot way worse.

    But i have yet to hear a story of someone with CHS who only smoked flower. It's usually some form of concentrate.
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  14. I ended up with this condition. One of the rare ones I guess. It's exactly as "theletterL" describes. It's like starving and the verge of vomiting at the same time, and all the confused cramps to go along with it. My neighbor has issues with this too. I noticed that the hyperemesis was most profound when I had consumed more thc than necessary during smoking sensions.

    After switching to a batty and taking 3 rips 4 times a day, my pains dropped dramatically. Morning sickness. But I have to say. I switched to vape for about 2 weeks and experienced nearly no problems during that time. The condition decreased to a mild wince.

    Now that I'm trying to detox for a little, the pain is a small but constant. Bad gas and diarrhea, it makes sense to me that this part of the body, the stomach Chakra, would be raging, I think this Chakra is the emotional center that weed puts to sleep and allows you to reflect better.

    For other hyperemesis sufferers. There seems to be a correlation to how much you smoke and how bad it hurts later. Try what I tried with that vape or batty. nobody should be sitting in pain for enjoying weed. It's like a cruel cosmic joke!

    Night everyone!
  15. I get this from time to time but I am pretty sure if others looked for reasons other than weed then they would find something else causing the symptoms. For me I take a stimulant as one of my daily meds and if I have it eaten enough or drank enough water my stomach will get upset to the point of cramps and vomiting. Also I didnt read the article but there was one that I read and if you have this issue it is important to stay hydrated and cool when using marijuana. The heat is a major part of what gets my crappy feelings going.
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  16. When I feel like this, it is low blood sugar &/or dehydration. Cannabis will cause delayed digestion (there are real studies on this). This can lead to upset stomach, mostly in the morning and as cannabis can effect the esophagus, it has been related to acid reflux ect. Both can cause vomiting. I notice that all the "only a cold shower stops the vomiting" is now absent most accounts of CHS, I find that very odd. If you read this and think I am cold-hearted you have missed the mark by a mile. I am fearful that this CHS can put fear in those that really need cannabis. Lastly, look to Israel for research, they are doing great work.
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  17. Well I really had to smoke my butt off to get this bad. Like 3 to 7 times a day for a year. Interestingly enough, I'm trying to cut down on massive sugar intakes as well. I noticed that without Marijuana I feel much more water and bloated inside. Maybe weed just fries us out and our bodies don't know what to do with all the the returning water weight?

    This particular detox includes weed, sugar, and video games. Talk about feeling miserable! Lol it's alright though. I wouldn't recommend it though the issues seem to agitate each other easier.
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