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Studies that prove weed doesn't cause cancer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TABOR, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. I need a link to a college that has done a study on weed not causing cancer...or studies debunking any weed myths.
  2. well, there have been no studies directly linking weed to cancer... that's not to say it doesn't cause cancer... crudely combusted plant matter is bad for your lungs no matter what...

    hmm... go to or something if you're looking for some info.
  3. SMOKING weed does cause cancer bro

  4. Basically go on this guys youtube page. He has a bunch of links with studies made by doctors, he also has a lot of... well just check it out.

    YouTube - Kanaal van EssiacHempLaetrile


    I just looked at it and holy crap the titles =D
  6. UCLA did a study on this but I can't find a link...if someone kind find it that would be awesome.
  7. PubMed home

    That is like official study collection site I think. Studies from all over are on it. Just do a search on the search bar for "weed cancer" or something.
  8. It does not, you should watch The Union when you get a chance, very informative.
  9. I've watched it, I never said It caused cancer hence why I'm looking for creditable links as proof.
  10. You need to educate yourself Bro.
  11. How about a study that shows that weed DOES cause cancer? Good luck finding that

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