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Students punished for wearing American flags on Cinco de Mayo

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dronetek, May 6, 2010.

  1. No one cares what you interpreted it as. I can interpret the principal forcing those kids to take off the shirts as saying "Screw America, this is Mexico's day to celebrate!" Why is my interpretation any less valid than yours?

    The fact is that we can interpret things any way we want. We shouldn't be telling kids to take off a shirt just because it depicts our nation flag on a certain day.
  2. Oh good for you tough guy...

    I have no problem with people displaying the US colors. I do it proudly myself but Im not gonna get together with a group of my friends on 1 SPECIFIC DAY where a large population of my fellow students are celebrating their heritage. its just disrespectful.
  3. But you will tell other people that they're not allowed to. Some people think it's disrespectful to talk with your mouth full. Some people think it's disrespectful to scratch yourself in front of a female. We should probably reprimand those people so no one gets offended or feels disrespected.
  4. No one cares what I interpret it as? Obviously some people do thats why this whole issue came up. Its shit like this that will keep racism alive in this country forever. You're like a brick wall.
  5. You're like a brick wall. You're the reason racism is alive in this country. :wave:
  6. You're coming up with the lamest analogies back to back.. Again, none of that shit you mentioned has anything to do with issues such as this.
  7. Great response. When you can't think of a valid response, just call my post "lame" and "shit." Invalid arguments are invalid.
  8. Jolly, are these you true beliefs, or are you one of those people that just like to argue?

    I am in no way racist and most of my friends are Mexican, but I still don't see how this is right?

    Do you think kids would get sent home from a school in Omaha for wearing the American Flag to school on St. Patric's day?

    I also have to disagree that the Olympics is just a sport and has nothing to do with you heritage or culture, just ask anyone who saw the 1980 Olympic Gold metal hockey game.
  9. Its a valid response to a post such as yours. How could you even use something like "talking with your mouth full" or "scratching yourself in the presence of a woman" a valid argument in a case like this? Thats total bullshit man.
  10. I don't see why they'd be offended by an American flag

    They liked America enough to voluntarily move here, or were even born here, so what's the issue
  11. #111 JollyStoner, May 6, 2010
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    Im not just trying to argue...

    Why would a bunch of students get together and plan to wear US flag colors on St. Patric's day? What would be the reasoning behind it? Do these students ever plan on wearing these colors together on any other random day? Obviously these students have something else in mind other than just plain pride for their country otherwise they wouldnt say "Hey, lets all wear red,white, and blue shirts and bandanas on Cinco de Mayo". This was Specifically planned out for that specific day.
  12. Postal Blowfish and kstigs decided to neg rep me. Ironically Kstigs has an anti-fascism avatar yet he is abusing the rep system to punish me for my opinions.

  13. I see a little bit what you are trying to say now, the only reason they were planning on wearing the flags was to offend the student's celebrating Cinco de Mayo. IF this was the case then they are somewhat in the wrong, the bigger issue is why would the Hispanic students be offended by them wearing the flag? This is all just a bunch of racism on both sides.
  14. I'm not punishing you for your opinions. Go back and read my rep comment a few more times and maybe, just maybe you'll understand why I neg repped you.

    Keep trying to tell me that wearing a nation's flag inside that nation is offensive though. I'm sure you'll get far.
  15. You failed to see my point. I never said you shouldnt wear the nations colors in your own nation. Everything else I said went right over your head and you interpreted it as me saying this.
  16. I'm sorry I simplified your position. You're perfectly able to reiterate it though and shut me up, but instead you should just attack me personally and claim I didn't understand what you said. That always works much better.
  17. troof PLUSSSS Its not like its there countries bday...they like won a battle or a war or something. Its like if the Patriots won a superbowl and I lived in new england and wore a bears jersey, get over it
  18. I guess I missed that civics class when they taught us which days were inappropriate to be patriotic

    What's Canada's big national holiday? I wouldn't want to get jumped for wearing the wrong colors while visiting a northern border state
  19. That's sad.
  20. Well if they were it would be mega retarded..
    The US flag is always in the parades here in Ireland..
    US marching bands always carry the colours and nobody gives a shit..

    Shows you the sorry state the US is in when this causes such a stir.

    Reminds me of N Ireland during the troubles..

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