student suspended for possession of 'jolt gum'

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  1. this is fucking ridiculous. to what end will they continue this zero tolerance bullshit. i thought schools where suposed to promote things like tolerance.
    Student Suspended Over Chewing Gum
    Jolt Chewing Gun Contains Caffeine

    POSTED: 10:50 am EDT May 25, 2006

    LOWER BURRELL, Pa. -- A Lower Burrell school student is facing a three-day suspension for sharing gum with a classmate.

    Jolt chewing gum has caffeine and ginseng.

    The Lower Burrell school superintendent said consuming and passing out the gum violates the school's drug awareness policy. That's because caffeine is considered a stimulant.

    Parents told Channel 11 they did not understand the suspension.

    Resident Elizabeth Grombacher said, "I think it's stupid. Everything's getting too politically correct it's so wrong."

    "It's probably just like Mountain Dew or something like that. If it's got a lot of caffeine in it and they probably sell the pop at school,” parent Nita Serene said.

    Jolt chewing gum is sold over the counter at drug stores and vitamin distributors.
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  2. Haha.

    Just getting us a little more used to totaltarian control.
  3. WOW.. just wow.. ............ id fuckin try to fight this
  4. Gh3y, then why do they sell coca cola and pop like that:confused:
  5. Dude, in German class we would get big containers of Bawl's mints and down whole things in front of the teachers. They would crack up! THis zero tolerance shit is getting absolutely fucking ridiculous.
  6. caffeine is also in tea/coffee/soda. i bet they dont have those things either :rolleyes:
  7. Total bs, they all need to be slapped.
  8. Long time ago some kid here got expelled for using fried chicken as a toy gun. BANG BANG>
  9. Wait, I heard something about that on "Bowling for Columbine"
    Is it possible that they are talking about what you are?

    It would have been after Columbine shootings, right? 1999
  10. idk man, i might be willing to be held hostage if the ransom was fried chicken. mmm mmm.
  11. Im really craving some chicken fingers right now :D
  12. only on gc can we go from school suspension to fried chicken
  13. Damn, now I got the munchies for KFC!
  14. "Want some tea?"

  15. lol u think thats bad i just got suspended 3 days for going to get a drink of water after i was done running then i turned around and started walking back to wear the others were like 40 feet from me and some guy said i was skipping
  16. sthats fucked up students can buy coffee at my school
  17. lol blows for those guys. even worse than when my 2 friends got kicked out of school and sent to Alternative Education Program for 45 for having ibuprofen on them. at my school you weren't allowed to have ANY pills whatsoever on you, and someone ratted on them for takin some kind of pill, the cop pulled them both out of their next class, and found a bottle of ibuprofen in her purse and got both of them suspended. bs.
  18. chocolate has caffeine in it, is that banned from schools too?

    it's time the schools stood up to the zero tolerance bs. Just what are they bribed to make them want to join such an ideologically inept program?

    It's time we had some zero tolerance ourselves, zero tolerance for institutions that set standards that no human has ever been able to meet. For we all make mistakes, and it is intolerable to allow students to be punished for accidentally bringing a pain killer to school or for chewing gum at school that contains caffeine.
  19. The article pointing out the hypocracy of the school reminded me of my graphic design class. We were making flyers for the local chapter of D.A.R.E. which was doing a fundraiser. They were selling coca-cola and other sodas like that. I had to do a double-take. I was like "So they're raising drug awareness by selling an addictive stimulant?" Nobody in that class had a clue what I meant. Fucking sheep... think outside of the damn box once in a while!

    Seriously, it's ok for schools to profit by selling Mountain Dew in the lobby, but they send a kid home for handing out gum? The damn gum would have probably made the student more alert to the lesson anyway...
  20. I give this country 50 years before it's either a totalitarian state or it no longer exists unless we get rid of these stupid ideals we are supposed to be held up to

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