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  1. Hi everyone. My name is Andrew and I am a student at Wichita State University. For a class project, my team and I have built a small scale. We feel it would be great for the cannabis industry should we also build a specialty app. This survey takes about 5 minutes. Any input is great and thank you.
    Optional Contact and Demographic Information
    Best way to contact and info (email, phone, etc.)
    Age Range      Under 18         18-30   30-40   40-50   50-65   65+
    Experience in Cannabis Industry
    Problem Identification Questions
    Have you recently needed to weigh a small item? (up to approximately 500 grams)
    Have you recently transported a scale to weigh small items?
    Have you recently used an app to calculate the value of jewelry?
    Have you recently used a nutrition app?
    Do you have a device that uses an Android operating system?
    Do you weigh small items more than 12 times a month?
    Do you weigh small items more than 3 times a week?
    From 1 to 5 (1 being not interesting/relevant at all and 5 being very very interesting/relevant) please rate the following
    • A free app that values pieces of jewelry, with real-time prices, made from gold, silver, and copper.
    • A free app that lists the nutrients of a food via its weight.
    • I am curious about the weight of many small items I have.
    • Most of my jewelry weighs less than 500 grams.
    • Most of my jewelry is made of gold, silver, or copper.
    • Most of my jewelry is made of one metal.
    Product Description
    The scale is about the size of a deck of cards, weighs just a few ounces, and connects to your Android smart phone or tablet. The product will be the scale and a cord to connect to devices. The scale itself will have an on/off switch and weigh in increments of 0.1 grams. When connected to an Android device our free jewelry app will give you a value for your piece with real-time prices based on the weight. You can also weigh other small items just for their weight. The app will be quite easy to use. After opening it on your device you will choose a metal from a drop-down menu, wait for the scale to weigh the item, and then click a ‘value button'. The tare function will be available at the top of the screen. The next screen will list the metal, weight, value (rounded to the dollar amount), and the source of the metal price used. We would eventually like to develop a free nutrition app so the scale can be better utilized as a food scale. At this time we do not have a plan for a cannabis app, but we do feel our scale is great for the market. Via the results of our market research we will decide about further action.
    If you are/were someone that needed to weight small items on a regular basis, does this product interest you?
    Have you ever seen a product like this?
    What do you like most and least about it?
    How much would you expect to pay for it?
    Are you interested in purchasing the product?
    Do you know anyone that might be interested?
    How successful do you think this product will be?
    Questions and Suggestions….


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