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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. simple easy to answer questions... my unemployment is about to runout in another month n a half, and i'd really like to go to school instead of getting another job that i hate.. so i just wanna know how hard it is to get student loans (the kind idont have to pay off until i'm done with school)

    i dont have to good of credit i dont think, i mean i've always made payments on my shit, but sometimes its late n shit u know?

    would i need a co-signer to get a student loan without good credit? cuz i cant rely on my fuckin dad or grandfather to help me at all.. there to fucking worried about their fucking selves to give a shit about my future well being.

    edit: also i have a around 5000 dollars in debt i'd like to pay off so i dont have to work anything more than a part time job, is it possible i could get an extra 5000 in my student loan to pay that shit off so i'm able to fully concentrate on my studies?
  2. its as easy as pointing a gun at a bank teller. lol jk. If u dont have good credit, then idk. I have enough saved up this year to pay, but next years not lookin so good. If u can pick one, so with stafford. they pretty much take anyone.
  3. co-signers definitely do not hurt at all. They help lower the interest rate, and increase the chance that your loan will be approved.

    You can get a loan without a co-signer, the interest rate will just be higher and you'll be more hard-pressed finding a loaner that will approve you.
  4. very ture. forgot about co-signing. def. helps
  5. Going to school neg? Props man, props. Also a part time job would probably help wonders, while in school. It'll keep you from being bored during the school year.
  6. Lots of schools have work/study programs to help with money as well. Lotta my friends work at the public library for some extra bills/help with tuition. Good for you man for going to school.
  7. dam that sucks you got bad credit
  8. quit bumpin all of Neg's old threads up. Spammin n shit son.
  9. There's 7 threads started by negligent on the first page of General
  10. No one's going to appreciate you resurrecting 6 month old threads for no other reason than to up your post count.

    Normally I wouldn't really care that much but as I'm currently in the process of looking for student loans, it kind of pissed me off.
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