Student Laptop: Program Must Haves?

Discussion in 'General' started by PastyWhitey, Aug 6, 2008.

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    So I got my new laptop for this college year, pretty tight Dell XPS 2.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo, 4 Gigs Ram, HD Video Card (HDMI and HDVGA outputs) and 17in HD Screen, 200 gig hard drive, as well as a 500 gig external hard drive. Also, TV tuner card cause I don't wanna take a TV down.

    So anyways, just wondering what everybody's must have as far as games and programs?

    Already, I've installed Visual Basic, uTorrent, Microsoft Office, a program to allow me to stream 360 video from my TV Tuner, an awesome OS-X theme, as well as an Safari-themed Firefox. I also have the free virus scanner, AVG. As far as games, I have Age of Empires III, and Baseball Manager 2008.
  2. I'd get Thunderbird to go along with the Firefox.
  3. Get Spore when it comes out and get photoshop.
  4. I use my Sidekick to manage all my email. :wave: I have 4 different email accounts from 4 different addresses (tmail, gmail, yahoo, and my sidekick receives them all independently, no address forwarding.
  5. Ha, yeah, I use my Sprint 6700 PDA for email on the go, but when I'm on my laptop I use Thunderbird.
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    You're gonna want the original Oregon Trail not only because it's an amazing game now and forever, but because you can play the Oregon Trail Drinking Game with your friends

    Load up the wagon with your buddies. Set out on the trail and either take a shot or take a sip of beer (depending on whether or not you have balls) every time you hit a landmark, when it's someone's birthday, if someone dies...whatever. You can set as many parameters as you want.
  7. Ya, spore looks decent.

    Photoshop also sounds like a must. I havent messed around with it in ages tho.
  8. counterstrike maybe
  9. firefox is a resource hog, but you seem to have the resources for it to hog.

    Must have? pr0n.
  10. Porn Hub takes care of that/ :wave:
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    The Medievil 2 games make AOE look like it just crawled from under a rock.
  12. utorrent

    pr0n sublime directory

  13. Covered.

    I just got Virtual DJ, Reason 4.0, and Cubase.

    I also probably won't be running out of Refills or VSTs anytime soon. :hello:

    Vista automatically recognized my MIDI Controller aswell. :metal:

    I've had this external hard drive all of 5 days. Its got 52 gigs used already. I'm only using it for music and movies. :)
  14. nice laptop
    if yer into pc games u gotta get steam
    and with it you can download two games that i can't live without
    team fortress 2 & civilization IV

    for bittorrent privacy and protection:
    im not too familiar with utorrent but if yer going to be downloading from torrents on a college campus check if utorrent has encryption settings and force encryption
    i use azureus (now called vuze and lame) and it has RC4 encryption which is very good, i've been out of college for a year now but on the campus i lived on the only way bittorrent would work was if it was encrypted
    also download peerguardian2, this will protect you from any IPs affiliated with the government or copyright agencies trying to connect to your computer, just let it update the IP list every week

    good luck, and lock up that laptop, highest theft item on college campuses
  15. Good point

    I had a lock that fit into a hole in the side of my laptop and then wrapped around the foot rest type thing on the back of my desk
  16. luckily, I'm not living on campus.

    I hoping to build a file sharing server for my other two roommates out of all these old computers I have laying around.

    Sucks. I have a 2.8 ghz Celeron that would be perfect, but motherboard is fried.
  17. Microsoft office
    Encyclopedia britannica
    Crap cleaner
    Daemon tools
    CD display/ for comics
    Microsoft reader/ for books

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