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  1. Does n e 1 ever feel just stuck in a rut? I feel kinda stuck-a d i think about it especially when im high. I mean i'm in school and doin' the right things-but i wonder if im missing stuff or if there's more. Maybe its just me-maybe its just the weed talking-but am i alone on this? *sigh*
  2. All the time. Don't worry about it. It's just a thing everyone goes through from time to time. Just go with the flow and when you get whatever qualifications you're gonna get THEN start thinkin about what ur gonna do... CHILL OUT AND SMOKE A BIG FAT TULIP FOR ME!!!
  3. It's NOT just you Jada!! Everybody gets that "stuck in a rut" feeling! :smoking:
  4. lol yah, don't sweat it.. my whole damn life is a rut.. :/
  5. trust me girl, i'm startin to feel that way too!
    whenever i start feeling this way, i try to find something new to learn, or do. like right now i'm going to the gym (i haven't been at a gym for like 5 years OK) and it's totally changed me. i know you're a personal trainer so that's not a good solution for you! but!
    just an example. go out and do something you always wanted to do but never had.
    or go exploring in areas, like you always wanted to visit that local state park, but never have time? go do shit like that.
    or, maybe it's time to move to another area?
    it depends on how deep of a rut you're in.

    but definitely anything new, or a break in your routine will help releive that day-to-day boredom/repetitiveness and maybe you'll find a new hobby that takes over your life! i learned how to do hemp jewelry & collect beads and make necklaces that sit in a box ~ whenever i'm bored i just pull it out & learn a new knot or something.

    or, i'll take the road that i always wondered where it lead to..

    hope you get out of your rut Jada! just keep on keepin' on and try something new, hopefully it'll work.
  7. I know exactly what you mean, many a morning I have woken up and thought 'what awaits me'. Life is a journey with its bounces and thrills you just got to live it. Just try to be happy and little thing in a day can be a reason to be happy. =)

    Happy arbor day

  8. Have you thought about oil wrestling to help you slide out of your rut?

  9. I want thank all of you guys for all your help. I totally appreciate it. And because of all of you-i took a trip to LA to spend sometime w/ my brother. While i was there-i met The Rock-the wrestler-cause my bro is the vo for all the security teams in hollywood-and its all cause you guys told me to get up and do sumtin. And miss ganjaphish-i love the idea od the hemp bracelets-so im gonna have to learn. You guys are the greatest and im so glad that i can always turn to you!!! And ohyeah-sorry bpp-no more wrestling for me-after seeing the rock-im giving up the sport and announcing my retirement

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