Stuck on stupid with lights.

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  1. The only thing stopping me is my lack of experience and confidence with LED lights. I had a $600 budget for lights per tent. After alot of research and alot of help from this forum, I was set on purchasing 3 MARSHYDRO 600w per tent.. $480 = 750 watts of LED from the wall which sounds pretty good. MARSHYDRO is respectable too.

    But that leaves me with $240 of budget for both tents and I havnt been able to find a better combo of lights that would take up the rest of the budget which is driving me nuts.

    I'm also concerned about how much lux I'll be getting in the 4x4 veg tent. The T5 4ft 8 Bulb model barely fits and that only produces 60,000 lumen's. Don't I need over 100k to veg grade A crop, what's available for a 4x4 that would give me more light?
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  2. As far as The 8 bulb model (if it does fit) will work nicely for you. We veg with them (4 ft, 4 bulb T5's) and have for years. An 8 bulb should be fine for that size tent. There are some new lights out now that, compared to the LEDs, are very inexpensive. They're a combo of HPS and HID and you can get away with less wattage and get better effect because it's a combo of 2 gasses and contains all the reds and blues you don't get with HPS alone. They're also quite a bit cheaper than the better quality LEDs. A tent is not needed for the veg cycle. I mean, you can use one but there is no imperative need for it. You need space for the plants to veg and progress and the light to make that happen. The CFLs work fine and don't get very hot and good air movement around your plants will usually handle any heat they put off. Whether the plants and light are closed up in a tent is of no consequence. We use a spare closet to veg in here. If it were me, I would set up the veg area and then continue to work on coming up with flowering spaces. Light is THE most important element in any grow. Also, know that LEDs cover very little area (sq. ft.) because most of them are very small lights and only shine straight down. To get the most out of each lamp, you need lamp and plant as close as possible (without risking light burn). Should never have to raise a lamp just to cover more plants or you're robbing all plants of valuable light. Before you buy lights to cover a certain amount of space, be darn sure you understand how many plants you can flower with a single lamp. It's not nearly as many as most think when first starting out. How many plants you can successfully flower depends on the flower lighting you have available...not the space. Having a bunch of plants in flower produces little when you don't have the high wattage/proper spectrum to cover each one of them. It would be much smarter to start off on a small scale and learn how to actually grow the plant and get it through to harvest before attempting to take on multiple plants of multiple strains. Until you grow a few, you really have no idea what your equipment will do. TWW
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  3. 3 Mars 600s LED lights per 4x4 tent gives me approx 800 watts FROM THE WALL and a 4x4 tent = 1.5 sqM = approx 16 sq ft = 50 watts p/sqf. If I'm growing 4 plants in 5 gallon magic bags, it'd be enough to flower serious puppies. I was just wondering if I could get more watts for my budget without sacrificing quality..

    Veg does require a tent simply for the smell. Can't afford even a slight wiff..
  4. 600w HPS for one grow, then take the profits to timbergrowlights or cobkits.
  5. 600w HPS vs 800 watts of LED? LED wins by spectrum and watts from wall.. not my issue. Screw HPS for starters, this is a Budget question for LED setup.

    Can someone make more then 800 watts from the wall with LEDs for under $600 without purchasing non brand names?
  6. 600 watts of hid will kill 800 watts of mars. I bought a mars, not impressed at all. Ok for a cheap led, that's about it.
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  7. I got a mars 1200w for 220 quid. Or u could get anoth 700
  8. I would suggest black dog or kind led. Kind before black dog but I don't think kind will fit in your budget.
    Mars is a good third

    This was done with kind k5 1000 ( 635 at the wall)
  9. Yea kind is way to expensive. 3 Mars 600 gets 800 at the wall but LED quality is crap compared. Still a good bet to grow something epic. TrYing to find a way to shove 1000 watts from the wall with LEDs for $600 without going any lower in quality.
  10. Build a light... Check out
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  11. I built a 400 true watt 8 cob light for around 350$
  12. No thank you. Maybe if I had more time and knowledge of this subject. Atm, just keeping simple..
  13. Dude it was really simple.
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  14. Yea but 3 Mars 600s = 800 true.. Quality of light might not be as good as Kind or others but 800 true with full spectrum sounds like a good start.
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  15. Don't even want to get into it. Custom made isn't for me..
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  16. I did this as a experiment to decide if i should switch my 600w hps over to led, after 3 grow cycles i put the led in retierment a bought a 1000w hps.
  17. Well you had 400 true LED compared to 600 true with Hps..

    You'd need atleast the same watts out the wall to make any comparison.
  18. Thats not true all my research suggested that 400watss of led would compare or beat a 600w hps.
  19. I find the leds work great for veg, but ill keep flowering with hps. Besides with the money you are going to spend i could fill 4 tents with 1000w aircooled hps.
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  20. Don't confuse true watts. 400 true watts LED would be sold as a 800w light comparable to a 400w hps..

    If you have a 1000w hps, you'd need 2 1000w LEDs because each one is around 500 w true.

    You were short 200 true watts for real comparison.
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