Stuck in the last movie you saw

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  1. Let's say that we where sucked the last movie we watched. What would it be? Mine would be Star Wars Episode 1
  2. The last movie I watched was for my Spanish class. I would be in colonial Latin America. Yikes.
  3. I would be stuck in Kickboxer 4. I have a habit of watching movies so bad, it's hard to believe they're real.
  4. J. Edgar :confused_2:


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  5. i would be on the jamaican bobsled team tryna make it to the olympics
  6. I could dig that...Django Unchained would be a sick movie to get stuck in. :cool:
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  7. Literally watched that late last night. I was going to say I would be stoked to live in Django land.
  8. I'd be trying to not get eaten in Transylvania..
  9. I guess I'd be be a guard or something. Probably a good one, but idk.

    Schindler's List
  10. Black sheep...

    Not really that different but I guess id get to live in the 90s again and hang out with chris farley so that'd be dope
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  11. The Wolverine
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    I would have eaten a bunch of my roommate's pot cupcakes and then proceeded to try to function...
    I can dig it :hippie:
    (Movie is Smily Face)
  13. Mines would be "The Island".Not a good place to be stuck in.WOW
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  14. FUCK!!!!
    The last thing I watched was House of 1000 Corpses. I guess I am screwed.
  15. Flying through time and space with mathew mconaughey it is then...
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    I'd be suffering through basic training and
    then off to Vietnam.  Well actually, I'd
    probably get stuck as Pyle, so I'd
    waste Hartman and then blow my brains out.
    Full Metal Jacket
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  17. pulp fiction hell yes

    high rn
  18. I'd be sellin' weed in New York in the 90's with my suicidal shrink :laughing:
  19. Transcendence; dope
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    That movie is hilarious haha
    As for me it would be one of the latest tom cruise movies, the one where he can go back in time

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