stuck in the friendzone

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  1. [quote name='"StillChippin"']OP all you need to do is when you two do smoke together(if you flake out on smoking with her she'll think your a puss, can't have that right?) and when she is hitting the j, bong, vap, blunt whatever, *Serious Face* ask her "so when are you gonna let me hit that?" If shit gets awkward, smile and say "the Joint, are you gonna pass that?" that way not only will she laugh thinking it's a joke, but part of her will know exactly what you meant and you might get out of that dreaded friend zone and take up temporary residence in her pants. :cool:[/quote]

    Lmaoo might have to tryy that :) sweet
  2. [quote name='"FormerPothead"']weed is an intoxicant dude....dont give me that whole "weeeds a planttt mannnn " I love weed as much as the next guy but clearly its a mind altering drug. Anyone with half a brain knows high school girls make way shittier decisions while high on weed (dude is clearly in high school). And im not hating on him, just clearly stating he's clearly not the smartest when it comes to social issues so adding weed to the occasion is a TERRIBLE idea.[/quote]

    What are you talking about i have no social problems at all....i know how to talk to fricken girls, its diffrent for this one cuzz were good friends. And i know how to handle my high its not gunna make me bug prob give me more confidence

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