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  1. So here's the story. I have been with my current girlfriend for about 2 years and just recently we moved in together. In the beginning, everything was great. Our relationship was full of happiness. It seemed like we had nothing bad to say about eachother. Then like any other relationship, it turned normal, but still good. Toward the time i was going to leave the service, I wanted to use my gi bill to go to school out of state. I compromised with her to go somewhere we could both agree on, but in my mind, I really wanted to go to my first choice. Now that I have moved in with her, I resent being around her.
    Since we have been sharing the same roof, things have gone so far downhill. After finally seeing who she really is, I now know I made a terrible mistake of moving in. She is so loud and obnoxious all of the time now, she only really worries about herself, and it is always about her. She is also always in my business. We have also talked about our issues a bunch of times, but nothing seems to change. The only reason I haven't moved out yet is that we have a pretty expensive apartment and I don't make that much. I'm hoping that I can save up enough and somehow work it out with the landlord and her so we can live separately. I just know it's going to be a mess because she wants to stay in the relationship even though we both know it sucks. Does anybody have any advice?

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    You shouldn't stay with her if you're not enjoying it, try to talk to her. I would you to tell to save your money so that you can live separately, living with someone that you resent isn't healthy at all. Good luck man

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