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Stuck in another world

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by graleh, Feb 23, 2016.

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    Hi everyone.

    This saturday I tried eating hash cookies with some friends. I have smoked before without problems. Only once I smoked too much and got really bad, but it went away the day after. I have never eaten it before. It took me hours before I started notice anything, and I felt really bad during the whole time. I threw up a few times and after some hours, went to sleep. When I woke up on sunday morning I was more here and now but still very confused and had strange sight and was like living in a bubble. I slept really well but felt awful when waking up. I couldn't eat or socialize, I was just not there. I went back to bed and lied there. Then anxiety came to me. I fall asleep at around 0600PM and slept for 12 hours. Felt a bit better but still a bit confused and felt like "not really being present". Nausea and could not eat, stll. Got panic attacks and tried to calm myself down. Called my boyfriend who had gone to work and he came home. I could eat a bit and just lied in bed, staring.

    Then it felt better and better. I took some vitamin supplements and Gaba to relieve my anixiety and could eat. Then during the day yesterday I felt better and better. During the evening I was almost like before. But still a bit absent-minded. Still not exactly here. I could do one thing and then forget about it completely. I could walk into a room and then forget what I was going to do there. I tried to remember the day, and it felt like I have been dreaming it. But it felt kind of good anyway. I took Gaba supplements about three times yesterday, morning, lunch and night. Had apetite as normal, felt good.

    So I went to bed yesterday prepared for going to work today.
    I woke up in the middle of the night and I was in really good mood, so I just fall asleep easily again.

    Then I woke up by the alarm at 0600AM to get up to work. My boyfriend and I talked a bit and it felt good, then when I went up to shower, I noticed I was still "not present" entirely. It's like my planning/routines are not really there. Im in a bubble of some kind. And it gives me serious anxiety that it feels like Im stuck in another world. Im in my house, but I cant exerpience it entirely. Im like in another world and I just want to come back! I am nauseatic again and can't eat.

    Will this ever go off? Will I be stuck like in this bubble the rest of my life? Will my anxiety ever go off?
    I am afraid to go to work. I am afraid that my life is ruined now. That I will be put in mental hospital like a cucumber.

    Should I force myself to go to work tomorrow, to do things, to begin working again and it will go off? I become really scared when I notice my brain isn't working properly.. I get panics attacks when I notice I'm in another world.. I want to be back with people again. I feel so alone in my bubble.

    Why did I feel to good yesterday and now after a night's (really wondeful) sleep, I am worse again. How is that possible?


  2. if you stay in that other world forever, you will be the first in history to have done so. I don't know you, but I doubt you're that special. Tomorrow you're gonna be fine. But you ate hash cookies. Those last many many hours, and the weed hangover effect, which is the stage you are at now, lasts longer than when you smoke as well.
  3. You'll be o.k. you just over did it. If there is a next time start small.
    Just chill and remember that you will return to your "normal" soon enough.

    Then again what is normal anyway?[​IMG]

    Everything is gonna be alright.

  4. I felt like this before but not as bad as you. Usually after eating hash cookies the next day I feel "off". It's normal but since I like to workout I feel that when I'm exercising the effects go away away. Just relax and listen to some music, watch YouTube videos. We gonna be alright.

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  5. what Alexander said is true. If you do some excercise and get some anandamide flowing, you will likely feel better. Though I suspect by now you already do.

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