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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Splifster, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. Is there a feasible method to possible grow in the closet of my room. Im open for any suggestions here. Odor would be a big factor.
  2. Growing in the dorm is going to be tough aand I do not recommend it. If you can't control your security, all you are doing is asking for trouble.

    Now you can scout out some locations, take a geology class , they go on good field trips. And find a good outdoor grow location, and with some good luck, you'll have a nice plant(s) next year.
  3. Well I do have a single room, that no one else has access to, so security would not be much of a problem, unless it is detected, and im guessing that smell would be the only way for them to tell.
  4. doesn't maintenance come in and snoop around, or do resident asst's do dorm checks anymore?

    What about nosey neighbore that are narcs? I remember all the big christian fellowship students were some of the biggest narcs in the dorms.

    I still think its a bad idea to grow in a dorm where there are way too many people who would narc you out.
  5. bad, bad, bad idea take the geology class :)

  6. Intro geology is nothing more than spelling and vocabulary tests, just memorizing terms.....And if you have problems, old Poppa is here to tutor you....
  7. yea dont take an ecology class...because of people like u that are looking for locations can be a problem


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