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  1. I have to admit that I'm still a noobie smoker (less than one year) but i've been hooked on the chronic since i began (almost 7months ago) and been smoking everyday since. I've come to take it upon myself to find out why it's illegal and to learn the history behind it. However, my mother doesn't feel the same and since I'm 26 and living on my own she can't do much other than cry and plead with me to stop. However, my whole family excluding my mom has tried it (including dad which he admitted to during a family roadtrip over the summer) and she refuses to even try it once before she antagonizes it. I promised her that I am willing to quit as long as she takes it upon herself to research the history behind it and only after she does her homework she can ultimately tell me to quit if she deems it unsafe still. Now my question is are there any marijuana documentaries that you guys know of that can possibly be translated in korean or have korean subtitles? S. Korea's marijuana policy is still rather strict so marijuana documentaries in korea would be rare I assume. Can anyone point me in the right direction? (my korean is horrible myself so i cant translate for my mom)

  2. national geographic has the best documentary ive ever seen on marijuana theres about two or three of them. as acurate as it gets.
  3. and I wouldn't be surprised if you could dig something up with subtitles or dubbed.

    I wonder if you could find The Union dubbed in Korean?
  4. first, sorry about some errors in english because i'm still learning.

    even thought there is no dubbed nor subtitled 'the union' documentary, there's some books in korean about marijuana. (i cannot say it's good books, because they are ONLY books about marijuana which i could found and i barely read it. i'll see these from library tomorrow)

    first, 삼과 사람 (상), 삼과 사람 (하) (Human and cannabies 1, 2) written by 문성호 (Mun Sungho)
    and second 대마초는 죄가 없다 (Marijuana has no Sins) written by 정현우 (Jung Hyunwoo)

    anyway, I still think The union is the best choice.

    oh i almost forgot. I remember there was dubbed national geographic documentary about marijuana, but i do not recommend it to you. i'm not really sure right now, they distorted some parts.
    i'll tell you later after find about national geographic documentary and those books.
  5. Wouldn't bother, people like that don't really care about the facts. they've been told what to beleive and that's safer than independant thought.
    don't waste your time, just hide it from your parents like almost every other stoner on the planet.

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