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  1. Hey GC, I've had girl troubles for the longest time (all from one girl surprisingly) and I've ranted about it on another website but I need some blades' input, not those guys.

    Basically I dated this girl, K, starting freshman yr of college. I never dated anyone seriously before her. I think high school relationships are a waste of time...most of them at least. But I fell for this girl fast and we dated for almost 2 years and during that time, i got drunk and made out with a girl, then she slept with a co-worker, we fought too much, she hated the fact that i smoke pot and cigs(cigs only sometimes).

    It's been a roller coaster ride of emotions and we've been broken up for 3 months now and I'm still riding this coaster. We both go to the same college, have lots of mutual friends. We see each other all the time pretty much.

    Now I've been wanting to get back together. And I've been thinking a lot about it. And I realize that this girl, although we have shared some good times, has changed who I am. I'm more insecure(because of her cheating on me and constantly making me feel bad), it's like I'm almost afraid to talk to girls for fear of them liking me and then having to deal with yet another potential K. Also I often second guess myself and think that I'm always wrong and she's always right.

    If you're still reading awesome...almost done dude.

    Ok, when I fight I like to not avoid the situation, but rather take some time to let things settle and then talk it over. But K wanted to talk about things right then and there. But when I do that, I can't speak what I"m thinking. It's like I freeze and I just can't think straight, all I wanna do is leave....

    maybe I should just talk this over with someone, instead of posting things on the internet, and just hang around people more, instead of sitting on my computer, or in front of my xbox, or behind my guitar.

    What have you guys done to get over an ex, who you've had to be around after you guys broke up? What WOULD you do?

  2. Okay so she made you so insecure that you can no longer handle the idea of meeting a new girl so you want to get back together with her? The devil you know...? It doesn't sound like a compelling reason to go back with her and she doesn't sound like someone you should want to date. What it all sounds like is a major dependency issue to me.

    The best thing you can do to get over her is to recognize that you aren't missing anything but grief and addional insecurity by not being with her. Find someone new and make sure she understands from the beginning that you won't settle for any less than she will in the relationship. Not all girls are K, I promise.

  3. Meh, i had this problem before. Normally the real problem is that you just have too much time on your hands, and are stuck constantly thinking about this person. The fact that you admit that she has changed you is horrible, and needs to be reversed.

    I started taking martial arts...I work alot, have a shitload of money, and too much tme on my hands, which led me to think about my ex all the time and such. I am now taking 3 different martial arts at once, and feel fucking great. I don't feel dependant at all to her anymore, and i am positive i have changed as a man, and as a person in general. I HIGHLY reccomend you do something like this.

    You really have NO idea how much of an impact starting something new like this will have until you go to your first class. You'll get hungry for it real fast. You'll wanna put all that stress you have into it, and just let it all go....And ontop of all this, the fact that you know that you will be able to handle almost any kind of situation gives you IMMENSE confidence.

    Trust me, i am a dawcta after all.:smoking:
  4. Greetings all! Shambala!! I feel for you brethren!!! Ahhh my highschool sweetie! Blaaa that %$#@% destroyed me! Im more so posting to relate and say I know that feeling and women can be mentally depleting. As already stated you and me both need to get out more and excerise get our blood flowing and the happy vibes rolling.

    Getting other girls!?!? meeeeh just start approaching them all the time remembering that you dont have any intention on picking her up... your just starting convo for practice yea dig!?! then it will flow into something else with out you even knowing. :D

    Yea bro as ice cube said "Bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks" (irrelevant I know lmAo but I gotta end on quote)

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