Stuck between a few vaporizers, whats your opinion

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by baked klondike, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. What's up guys I'm knew to vaporizers and dont know what one to get. I want something portable so I can use it on the go and these are the choices I've been looking at. (not in any order)

    - Pax
    - arizer solo
    - pinnacle pro
    - ascent

    What order would you put these in or what would be the best for a first vaporizer and why?
  2. Great list.   You might want to add the FireFly in there.
    I can't put them in any order simply because they all have their strong points (and weak points) in different categories.
  3. although i have heard the solo is the best and is catagorized as portable, its probably not something you would really be able to walk around with in your pocket. i havent looked much into the other 2 but i like the pax. im wanting to get both the pax and the solo eventually. if the grasshopper turns out good i will get that instead of the pax.
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    I'd lead towards the Ascent or the Pinnacle.
    Just today I was tokin' with a buddy I hadn't seen in awhile and he was telling me how he owned the Pax but barely used it because of how annoying it is to clean consistently. 
    Solo is always solid as well. In performance and build. Also a big hitter.
  5. Have been really interested in both the Pax and PnP, although leaning towards pinnacle. hopefully someone can shed further light on the PnP.
  6. I am interested in getting a vaporizer too if I get my hands on green stuff
  7. @[member="ArtemisRain"]   which one do you recommend? the original maple or cube laser?
  8. The solo is the heavy hitter of the group with excellent tastey vapor production, but the portability is somewhat limited as opposed to the others. Pax is more cleaning intensive, but is probably the most portable of your list. If I were you I'd pick up the pinnacle. Seems to be the best of both worlds. If I didn't already have the solo that'd be my choice.
  9. Get the pax i have that, you will get the most hits out of ur weed then any other and iv tried almost all on ur list except the the ascent but its wayy to big. pax is king  :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin:
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, taking it all into consideration and waiting till I get the money

    Just bake
  11. @Mention
    I wouldn't call the Pax the king. It's definitely very good for stealth, being discrete, and simplicity. But with the amount you need to clean it, you can hardly call it king. I've got numerous friends who don't use their Pax regularly because cleaning is such a hassle.
    Also, to the TS, check out the Indica Vaporizer. It isn't on the market quite yet but is being released soon at around $200 I believe. I looks like a large zippo lighter, produces big clouds, is discrete, easy to use, and has a long battery life.


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