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  1. do cigarettes (aka stuarts) make u feel more relaxed or more energized? me and a friend were arguing cuz i told him i always smoke a cigarette before i go to sleep and hes like whattt i could never do that i always feel energized after smoking was weird cuz to me stus are so do yall feel after smokin one?
  2. uh. I smoke em all day. :eek:

    Ya I can see a bit of both... But any feeling that a cig gives you isn't going to last long. Nothing that laying down for a few won't take care of.
  3. Technically tobacco is under the category of a stimulant due to it's tendency to raise blood pressure in most people. However, someone who is addicted to nicotine, or enjoys the "buzz" could find them somewhat "relaxing" so to speak.
  4. ah cool i didnt know they were categorized as a stimulant..i understand where my buddys comin from now
  5. where do you live? ive never heard a cigarette called stuart before
  6. seattle...people always called em stus around here and then it jus evolved to stuarts
  7. Yeah, Nicotine is a stimulant like TnNORML said. But they are a very short acting stimulant and they do tend to relax people's nerves somewhat.

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