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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by laststand, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Hello all. New here, and hoping for answers...Going to see STS9 in a couple of days. Seen them at "All Good" a couple of times. But this is the first time I'm going to see them exclusively. It's at a club, and I'm older than the normal demographic that will be there (at least, that's my guess). Wondering if I'll have a hard time scoring rolls.
  2. na dude it'll be easy just keep your ears open and don't be afraid to ask.. There will probably be a lot of doses.
  3. were u seeing them man? at house of blues boston 2 days ago they played and i had no trouble whatsoever finding good rolls and L
  4. Baltimore....SOOOO Psyched
    They absolutely blew me away at All Good
  5. Should I try before hand, outside? Or just wait 'til inside?
  6. i stayed outside till about 30 mins after doors mad people were slangin rolls i found someone who had some good L to mostly rolls and K tho. If i were you ide stay outside till u found what u wanted then go inside people were slangin shit in the show also so have fun man it was a WILD show
  7. Thanks Man! I'm Sure I'll have a great time, regardless. I'll just keep my ears open.
  8. outside if people are gathering outside but you can get stuff inside always thats what i do cause outside can get sketchy in my experience

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