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  1. personally, no better band to listen to when i'm flyin high...
    any other bands similar...?
    i listen to aphex, thievery, zero 7...
    just looking for some good new shit:)
  2. lotus, string cheese incident, bassnectar, cant think of any other. i fucking love sts9 man, ive seen them 14 times now. im seeing them 3x at the fillmore in San Fran this weekend, then 2x in july out here in CO. i saw them at red rocks in september, that was fucking epic. some dude just straight up gave me 20 doses... sts9 has to be one of my favorite bands, next to phish.:smoking::smoking::wave:
  3. they're a little different, but a fair amount of people i know that like sound tribe definitely dig the disco biscuits... i know i do. saw them last night and will again on saturday, but i do prefer sound tribe. you might also like the new deal?
  4. Ambient/Electronic/Trip hop eh?

    Can't forget about Massive Attack, Hooverphonic, Portishead, Skylab, Morcheeba, Nightmares on Wax...I could go on and on. I'm much more a fan of STS9's earlier stuff than their new stuff

    I love trip hop...not that big on ambient except for Aphex Twin's stuff, or maybe a bit of Brian Eno. Just all good, chill music to kick back and have a toke to.
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    Ott, Shpongle, Pretty Lights, Eliot Lipp, Pnuma Trio, EOTO. all fine, fine choices.
  6. pnuma trio and shpongle are epic
  7. appreciated everyone...
    i love hearing new stuff, so im pumped to check this stuff out...
    happy friday!:)

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