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  1. if you love them
    i love you
    anyone going to see them new years eve in atl?
  2. never heard of em..

    what music is it?
  3. oh its just fucking amazing
    you need to listen!
  4. Yes... STS 9 is the shiznit. I have seen them live here in Lawrence, KS a couple times.
  5. theyre pretty sexy!
  6. i've seen videos of STS9 and and i would love to see them
  7. yeahh thats what im talking out
    this will be my first time
    im so excited

  8. their a noise-pop-techno type band.
    their awesome to listen to at first, but then i start to get bored.

    i perfer this:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Led Zeppelin Black Dog 1973[/ame]

    i'll NEVER get bored listening to this, never everrr.

  9. nice choice. idk a lot of people get bored with tribe. but thats mostly what i find myself listening to.

    if you like sts9 then you'll totally love this band (if you havent heard of them already):

    [ame=""]YouTube - Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Holy F*ck - Super Inuit[/ame]
  11. i was plannin on going with a bunch of friends to see them new years eve (arent they playin for like 3 straight days here?), but tickets were like 80 a pop.. i still know quite a few people that are goin and will be trippin face the whole time, have a good time
  12. i hope they come back to Rothbury next year...hopefully then i can finally see them....
  13. Haha, there are already a ton of STS9 threads, you should try and use the search feature :)

    Anway ,I really dig them live, I've seen them 5 times, they put on a great show.
  14. just saw them about a month ago in nashville! they were sick rolling so hard the rabble made me geeek

  15. yeah i suppose i should try that. but im kinda new to this site. and plus i think my sts9 thread kinda owns all the others. its all good though.
  16. oh shit...i saw them november 7th in birmingham and tripped complete is an amazing concert.
  17. gonna try to go to the NYC show in january....can't wait..

    try Somesing Bassnectar Remix...sick beats
  18. im so jelious of every one going newyears!
  19. its like a headgasm.
  20. YESSSS!!!!! ill be at tribe all 4 days!!!!!! fuckin cant wait 10 more days!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh hahah i went to thethe atl show at the masqurade or how ever its spelled and nashville annnnddddd louisville ky to SHIIIITTTT gonnaaaaa candy flllliiipppppp allllllllll 4 nighhghghtssss cant wait hahah . we should all meet up there or somshit haha tribbbeeee!!!!

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