struggling with color and consistancy

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  1. PLease just tell me your thoughts its my first grow. Im growing headband, skywalker, fire OG

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  2. I feel they have not reached there potential to get dark green and there is no consistency.

    For Example: For what seems to be no ryme or reason one headband will be dark and a skywalker and its not in any specific area or order. Im running an ebb and flo system and Im ending my second week in flowering now. I'm using a digital system that waters my plants 4 times a day for 20 minutes each time. Ive added nitrogen, at first it seamed to work and then today Ive come to the realization that any progress from said nitrogen has halted.
  3. biggest plant is 33 inches
    plants have been topped several times
    temp has been between 72-80
    i have had struggles with temp being my first grow a couple times in very begining a/c went down and opened my grow room to feel a very tropical temp inside. i have gotten a hold on it for now but i feel like i need true temp cpntrol next time around.
  4. looks fine.. I don't see the problem, the only issue I can see is it looks like you have some nitrogen toxicity in some of the plants.

    If it's dark green and glossy that's too much nitrogen. Some strains just grow in different shades too. I've had lots of plants in a lighter green color. You don't want them to get too glossy though. Nitrogen toxicity can have a lot of negitive effects in flowering, like stressing bud growth and causing more stretching for example.

    It's totally normal to have some strains needing different treatment than others though, and they won't all grow the same. as long as the leaves are uniform in their green color they are doing fine.
  5. Are they kinda yellow? Hard to tell with the HPS glare.. It's a little early for them to be fading out.

    Whatcha feeding them?
  6. Are they under reg light for pics
  7. Ill do that ASAP. so I can stress my concern again what Im seeing is excessive yellowing in a few of them

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