Struggling with cloning directly into coco

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  1. I don't know what it is but I'm really struggling with cloning directly into coco.

    All my clones didn't make it and the coco stayed saturated, the room was a nice ambient warm temp

    The only thing I can think of is I didn't use cloning gel and went from old T5's to directly under a brand new 600 MH

    Could either one of those be my issue?

    Any advice on making it successfully from mother to directly into coco when cloning?
  2. Are you mixing with 50% perlite? I find roots don't like to spread and the coco stays too saturated if you don't add any. Other than that just keep everything sterile and the humidity from getting too low.
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  3. I was having trouble with cloning into straight coco. Cutting with 50/50 perlite seemed to help cut down the over saturation of the medium and allow the roots to grow. I was using a 100w CFL solo cup and a gal water jug cut at the bottom for a humidity dome lol

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  4. I think your problem is that the roots on your clones are staying too saturated. I don't grow in Coco but I do know that you can't keep the roots over saturated or they will get root rot. I only use a Rapid Rooter cube (I grow in soil) and a spray bottle when I clone. I still use the cloning tray, but figured out my own way of doing it that was much easier than what was recommended by most. I discovered that mine grow roots quicker if I allow the rooting cubes to dry out almost completely before I resaturate them with cloning solution. And, cloning gel is a great help in getting them started as well. Hopefully, you'll get it figured out. I had a really hard time with it for about 4 or 5 months until I finally figured out what they like the best. TWW
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  5. I'm using this stuff called Coco Loco which has perlite and other inoculates in it. Plus you can't really over saturate coco, it will only hold X amount and the rest will drain out.

    I'm not even getting the clones to root - I'm saying as soon as I take the cuttings they die off well before roots even begin to pop.

    I think this last time was an issue with going from old T5's to a brand new 600 ripping them hard and it just stressed them. I've been reading AskEd's coco sticky again and he suggests easy light for new clones.

    I still think I'm going to give a run at them with cloning gel again. Those were the only two steps I was missing.

    And I didn't dip the new cuttings in water first to seal off the chamber, I just shoved them right into the coco. I think maybe all 3 of these combined killed all of the new cuttings off.
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  6. You can't over saturate any medium, but the medium can remain too saturated for too long, which I think what people are touching on. I just started trying this and haven't had much luck either. Got in touch with a guy, Spark1Montana, on Instagram and the damn guy can clone a 24" tall top in a half gallon coco bag. He recommended 75-85% humidity, keep the coco MOIST, not wet, which was my hardest part to get. I had an incredibly hard time figuring out how to keep it slightly moist and not wet. Don't have a dome large enough for decent sized cuttings into a cup of coco or I'd still be trying. I just wanted to for shits and gigs, maybe I'll give it a shot again once I can maintain 80% humidity

    That brand new 600 might have helped too. That's a lot of light for little girls.
  7. cloning in coco is easy just make plugs in party cups cut some hole s in bottom of cups fill with coco soak till saturated then press coco in to a plug draining excess water use rooting hormone stick cut pack around stem dome set under low lite for a week or so should have roots also I soak cutting in water and superthrive overnight before I stick them.
  8. Don't need humidity domes
    But solo cup straight coco works for me.
    Do not over water. Let cups get light (about a week or so)
    Water with straight water or with uber light nutrients.
    I get roots pokeing out in 2.5 weeks, but I clone in non perfect conditions
    Peace n love

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