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  1. howdy all...
    i had ten (4 week old) plants growing in soil, in a foil-lined open box under flourescent light, staked them, light fan circulating in room, periodically fertilized with 23-19-17, watered every other day...........were doing fine until recently......lost about five plants in the last week. they looked real droopy, almost as if their "heads were hanging down."....eventually died.
    i haven't a clue where i went wrong. sound like an over- or underwatering problem?
    it's a bummer.
    any advice sure would be appreciated.
    thank you.
  2. well how often do you water, more often its overwatering than underwatering.
  3. every other day (sometimes every day, if soil feels dry)...maybe i best hold off on watering & see what happens....thanx for reply
  4. Over water, scale back your water to every third to every 4th day and only add ferts once every couple of weeks until they get into the flower stage.
  5. thanks for info.....i'll scale back on H2O,
  6. I'm using shultz 10 15 10 for my veg stage, I only use the recommended amount no more no less, the thing I like about it is it's mixed to a level where I use it everytime I water workin great plant's are thriven. If I want to change I can put more fert's in and water once every 2 weeks, but I prefer everytime I water that way I don't forget. works great...Peace Out Crocodile:)
  7. You're using a flowering fert for vegging?

  8. He's got ya there...crocodile....what say jumped out at me

  9. I'm sorry about the bad luck. I've ridden that roller coaster before. They look healthy one minute and they are dying the next. What kinda heat are you generating in that foil lined box? Have you thought about maybe using white poster board instead of foil? It does reflect the light a lot better and it doesn't cook spots on your plants. Temperature was my biggest enemy when I first started. I also learne from this site, what to adjust my PH down to. When I dropped it down to 5.6 to 5.8, my plants took off healthier than they had ever been. So I would just look at the basics like the environment you have them in, definciencies like maybe Magnesium, temperature, ventilation and love. You gotta tell them you love them every now and then. It helped me. They are a lot like women. And just listen to people on this site. Big Pappa Puff and Ndica bud gave me the most helpful information that I had recieved yet. Thanx Guys! I'm sure you'll fine the root of your problems. Good Luck!
  10. good info.....thanx chosen!!!
  11. I like to be able to give everyone a good laugh every now and then. I Know now what the numbers stand for so that won't happen again:) what can I say it's my first grow. Still quite pleased though 2 seeds planted and 2 Baby girls. Temp in room stays around 70-80 degrees need to get myself a ph meter though. Plants have been showing decent improvement in their bushiness. I've got blooming fert that is 5-30-5 for their flowering stage which I started yesterday. They are both showing preflowers, I used a maginifying glass on the other one and U can see tiny little hairs(pistols). All I can say is this has been a learning experience and it will be for some time. All I can hope for now is somewhat of a decent crop. Not going to bother with clones this time I will just leave some stem when I harvest and go from there. I know the recovery period is about 4-6 weeks but I have more time than money:) And more money than brains:). I shall never GIVE UP!!! Peace out people good luck on all your growing escapades. It's a blast. Stay tuned I'm sure I'll make ya'll laugh again,....and again....and again. Crocodile
  12. I posted a reply once and it's not there so I posted a second time and it's not there!??
  13. There it is.:) Gonna go smoke a big fat daddy now.
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