struck gold in Uranus

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  1. the thread title made me "LOL"

    struck gold in your anus.
  2. Pretty interesting find.

    The term "diamond ocean" sounds majestic. I think the sight would be even more breath taking. Alas, I doubt we shall be afforded the opportunity in this lifetime.
  3. Last time I tried that she told me to keep my fingers out of there!
  4. the elements that we find here on earth that we think are rare, really are not in any way. Diamonds are monopoloized, thats why they are so expensive. diamonds are on many comets, and are scattered all over the galaxy on rocky planets and other places carbon could've been compressed (by impact)

    even gold, platinum, or any other "rarity" on the earth are pretty common everywhere in our galaxy, let alone the universe!

    interesting find!!
  5. Absolutely, RAZORsharp.

    Commodities change.

    In the 17th century, platinum was a junk metal, silver being significantly more expensive. Spanish Treasure caravans used to dilute the purity of silver bars with platinum like a dealer will cut coke.

    In the 19th century, aluminum was more expensive than gold.

    Times change, man. Don't get me started on salt.
  6. Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one immature enough to laugh at the thread title. If you've read A Diamond as Big as the Ritz by F. Scott Fitzgerald, it's easy to see the comparison. Long story short, if large quantities of diamonds are found, it becomes worthless. If these diamonds were ever mined, they would be worth nothing becuase it would flood the market, thus decreasing value.
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    *Psst* Look up DeBeers and the Diamond vaults. If Diamonds were freely released into the market, they would be worthless as hay. Do you have a dormant volcano around, or a cached out coal mine? If yes, then chances are great you have a potential diamond mine underneath of it. Also, Diamonds can be synthetically created. Check this out:
  8. Oh shit.

    Now how is DeBeers gonna control the world diamond supply?
  9. what i wanna know is how all these compressed Carbon molecules got on my anus.... and how in the fuck did i not notice....

    AND HOW IN THE FUCK WILL I SELL THEM TO DEBEERS??!?!??!? they most definitely are flawed diamonds, ive never seen a brown diamond.
  10. Yeah but we have an abundance of stupid humans on Earth.

  11. id be willing to bet that, throughout the universe, gold is exponentially more rare than diamonds.

    diamonds are just carbon. gold is a much more complex element.

  12. No one said anything about diamonds in your anus. It's GOLD thats in your anus. There is no carbon in (solid) gold. They are each its own element.

  13. umm, yes they did. its the point of the thread. gold was used as a metaphorical, commonly used phrase.

    the article discusses the potential abundance of diamonds on uranus.

    if you can get past the chuckle of saying "your anus" to yourself, you may catch these sorts of things in the future
  14. Oh woops my bad. I actually was still thinking and laughing to myself about reading the word "uranus" and missed the first post.
  15. Haha..I love your posts..:D
  16. :rolleyes:

    see, youre still doing it
  17. did you read the article?
  18. Because the cost to get into space is $1443/lb, and that's only LEO, (Low Earth Orbit). The cost of the Cassini space probe, (to study saturn), is estimated to be US$3.26 billion, and that just carries a payload of cameras. The cost would be astronomicaly more if we were to enter into the atmosphere and do collection of the gasses there.

    This is kind of asking why we don't try and recover the methane that is on Titan. Short awnser: It's too fucking expensive.

  19. Nope. Just like half the posts in this thread.

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