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Strongest wax youve seen, in terms of thc %

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sk8terdude212, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone,
    First post here :)
    Just wondering whats is the strongest wax you guys have seen/dabbed, in terms of thc percentage.

  2. It was 30 some-odd years ago at a willie nelson concert..  :smoke:
  3. Where did you find 96% Mid Man?
  4. Man I had some co2 extracted oil that was at about 70%

    That shit had me tooooo damn high

    And im no light weight either but damn my head felt like it was going to roll off my shoulders it wasnt even really enjoyable
  5. 70-low 80's is extremely strong and the best that you will get. There needs to be room for thc, cbd, terps, plant material (should be minimal), fats and wax's (also should be minimal). I say minimal for a few things because it is stuff you don't want in your oil and can't have in your oil to have a high thc percentage.

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  6. And even if you actually have it tested the numbers all depend on who test the oil. Almost every lab will give different numbers for the same exact batch of oil

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  7. The co2 oil I picked up from my local dispensary last night claims it's 76% thc
  8. I saw this one dispensary had something like 94% or 96% thc "moon rocks" but idk if it was true. It was very expensive though.
  9. has anyone had experience in cooking with it? like how much to put  in a candy recipe?

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