Strongest strain?

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  1. Is the strongest strain white widow?
  2. dude theirs so many variables ..its hard to say
  3. Maybe 5-10 years ago white widow was the strongest strain, thc content wise. But like the above poster said there are so many variables with marijuana that there is no way to call any one "the strongest strain". Sometimes I smoke buds that give me a light buzz and my friends smoke it and fall out on the couch, and then just the opposite. So really you have to decide for yourself what types of smoke fit you best and give you the type of buzz you are looking for.
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    THC wise yes. ww is rated 20-25% thc. Theres a few others out there that are 16-20% like some kush strains. You can look at the seed sites and they will tell you most strain thc and other levels to find the strongest strain.
  5. Some of the Haze strains have the most THC, I think the most is 29%. Don't go off THC content though as its not something you can really test yourself and its not that important. Some strains like Orange bud or purple maroc are listed as having a low THC content but they are still very potent :smoke:
  6. Actually I was just doing some reading and according to greenhouse seeds white widow content is 12%. Of course we all know the story of white widow, but id say greenhouse seeds would know the thc content as much as anyone. I am not big on thc percentages really because that exclused all the other cannabanoids in the weed that play a big part in how the thc effects you.
  7. althor im pretty sure Greenhouse would be the last place i would check for real stats...don't go by advertisements.

    if i were you i would choose my strain by Sativa or Indica...try a few out and go from there....nobody on here can tell you whats the strongest strain bc there is no such thing.

  8. Well thats pretty much what I was getting at, but still I maintain greenhouse would know since they were a part of breeding it, even though the breeder is no longer with them.
  9. C99

    There really is no "strongest strain" but there are several that are at the top of the list. C99 is one of the strongest buds I've ever smoked.
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    There are a lot of potent strains out there.

    OG kush gets up to 25% total canabanoid composition, but i believe there was herijuana reported around +30% total canabanoid composition. But thats the total canabanoid composition, thats adding a bunch of the different active cannabis chemicals like THC + CBN + CBD etc, not just THC. The OG Kush I saw measured seemed to be realtivly purely THC (saw like 24.91 THC + 0.9 CBN or something like that) I'd also care to wager there are wild/land race strains that would register pretty high up there, but those aren't very widely available, and certainly not in a collective/dispensary setting where most of these things are getting measured.

    It is a loaded question, especially since there are no set scientific standards currently in place to measure such things.

    To answer your question: No, but who really knows.

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