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  1. hello, i was wondering what would be the most potent strain for a price lower than $50 US from the Doc. anyone that has reviews for ICE, NL, or White Widow, that would be great.:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. now this is a personal opinion thing, what are you're guys opinions on the best indica high? i am so used to sativa that i really want to try an indica, but i want it to be a damn good one so i get my money's worth
  3. I've only ever grown and smoked NL.(only because my first crop got seeded and ended up w/1000s of seeds). I will however move on to white widow next, blueberry, and perhaps a sativa strain when i get the room to grow it.
    NL is supposed to be an easy grow, and it is, but you can still fuck it up. cant really compare the high, but it works for me! makes me chill real nice and gets me ready for bed. definately keeps me from drinking too much. thats key!
    But if you have limited buget, my advise is spend as much as you can on seeds. Dont skimp, cause you'll end up spending more trying to keep a week strain alive.:wave: Peace brotha' , TBug
  4. seed from nivran are petty cheap most are like 20 bucks for 10 seeds
  5. NL should lean toward an indica high. WW and Ice are cousins, sativa/indica hybrids but the stone should lean a bit indica.

    Keep in mind you can influence the kind of stone to an extent by when you harvest.
  6. that is very true. I forgot to add that.:rolleyes:
  7. the correct time to harvest is when the trichomes are amber and cloudy, right? is there a way to tell by how the plant is acting?
  8. i took a look at that seedback the ak-47 seems a little low to be true it is probably an f-2 or f-3 for that price as serious has select sellers that sell it for 125 for ten seeds and one of there other strains is sensi's big bud but they say it is something else
    also rember the old adage you get what you pay for but only when you buy from a reputable dealer not every place that sells seeds on the net is legit some will send you what you ordered some will send you some seeds that look like they are in the breeder packs but god only knows what type of pot it realy is and some will just take your money and run so check out the place you buy seeds from or you might as well flush your money down the toilet at least that away you know where your money went is it realy worth saveing a dollar or 2 ordering from someone other than the origanal breeder yes i to have chosen the cheep way in the past thats why i'm here saying don't make the same mistakes i made also if there is a problem with germ rate the people wont send you replacement seeds but the breeder will but only if you buy from him i ran into this problem when i bought my strawberry cough from weedcity i only got a 40% germ rate with these evan though all the rest of the seeds i started at the same time got 90% to 100% i asked for a refund or replacement seeds and was banned from there forums till 2008 just for wanting what i paid for and at the point where they kicked me out they told me that dutch passions only replaces seeds if ordered directly from dutch passions so chose who you order from carefully. as it is only money and you can't take it with you but it sure help's out when your here
  9. if you are willing to spend up to $50 then you have a TON of choices and I'd not go with any of the nirvana strains. I've seen so far multiple people that weren't happy with nirvana's ice. female seeds' ice is supposed to be a lot nicer. there are some really nice sativas you could get with a high more intense than any indica you'd ever find, but they will take longer to flower. sativas > indicas.

    but anyways, if you go with a nirvana strain I'd pick white rhino, bubblicious, or papaya. female seeds' grapefruit is supposed to be very potent and a very nice, tasty smoke. fet from spice brothers has a lot of strong, great plants. take a look at those.

    if you end up going with all nirvana anyways or spend a little more than you were planning you could get a free nirvana pack. at doc's if you buy any 3 packs you get a nirvana pack for free. you just have to request which one you want in the comment box. you also get 10% off your order if you're a member on the forums

    p.s. a nice sativa for cheap is mandala seeds' satori. it's about $25 and you can get spice brothers' morning dew spice for the same price. it's a cinderella 99 x endless sky. lots of other nice strains by this breeder for $30 too.

    if you look around more you'll find that the whole white widow and northern lights families are everywhere, and you could find much nicer for near the same price.
  10. kc brains mango or kcs northern lights speacial i was amased as to how potant it was and how big the buds got fast so i ordered anouther pack this last time i got seeds or pure power plant or ice i have a good potant mother that i take cuttings from just let her go an extra 3 weeks and she will be much more potant
  11. i want a plant that is short, rapid growing, and easily made to grow in a scrong....what would work for that?
  12. KC Brains have very great and cheap seeds: for example bahia black head, brains choice oder leda una!

    and yes, grapefruit from female seeds is realy very strong sativa (c99 influence) and the seeds are best quality! since we have grown and smoked grapefruit - one of the best ever ;)
  13. hey why not check out nirvana, cheap costing seeds..i got my WW and Blue Mystics..and they're growing out very nicely

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