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Strongest Smoke ever

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DomittusBrutus, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. What up GC!? I've been smokin' for the past 6 years now and I've come across some crazy-Strong smoke that my homie bred himself. It's a cross between Purple Haze and Maui Wowi, and Holy Shit It was the first time I have ever had to pass on a bong after the first Bowl.

    Anyways I was just wonderin' whats the most Intense smoke you've ever tried? Peace Out Ya'll
  2. AK-47 or Sweet Island Skunk. Shit just murders my lungs.
  3. nice, well... the strongest smoke i ever had was some homegrown silver haze, iuno what about it made it unsually strong smoke, but it got me sedated, so its all good hahah
  4. lol my ak-47 has been cured for so long. i cant feel it in my lungs. its like angels breath. ;]
  5. I've taken a hit of some sour d with a ton of kief on top out of my friends phx. I thought my head was going to explode. I immediately got up and started dancing really weird.. I couldnt help it. Shit was crazy.
  6. the local dispensary had this strain called "Jedi" and omg that was some potent shit
  7. Here are some pictures of Purple Maui Waui that I took with my old camera.



  8. damn wow

  9. Holy Shit Mayne, Dat looks exactly what I'm holdin' in my hand right now!

    Gotta Get A Camera that does justice to my ganja though.

    Thanks fur the visual aid
  10. looks like some firey dank man..i'd love to take a j to tha dome
  11. the most intense bud i ever smoked i came across in San Francisco. it was G13 X Manga. and holy shit one bowl back and you're done for the day on the couch just laughing your head off , stuck there to the couch. i definitely recommend it for any weed smoker.
  12. haha, one bowl for the whole day? nicee
  13. this shit called weed of the world from the club. at the time it was the second best quality weed in the world (that's what the club said). it was 30 for a gram. me and two friends chipped in 10 each and smoked a bowl. and OMG this was some one hitter quitter in it's truest form. three bowls between us was enough for a whole day. never EVER had anything like that.

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