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Stronger High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jesus Cristo, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I was wondering if theres any chemicals/vitamins/foods/etc... that can make your high stronger or last longer. Ive heard mangos, omega 3, st johns wort, vitamin C, and 5HTP all make your high more potent. I dont know if this is all true but it would be nice to hear of some others from you guys. Please, no drugs. Just stuff you can buy at your local grocery market or walmart. :cool:
  2. ive tried mangoes, they work fine, but im not gonna go out and buy mangoes all the time for it. deff something to try tho
  3. Mangoes are fucking delicious. Everybody should be eating them whether they make you higher or not.
  4. I've tried mangos, mango juice, 2hours, 1 hour, 30 minutes before I smoked. Didn't notice anything, tried 5-HTP and didn't notice anything. I'm near positive that it's all placebo effect.
  5. St. Johns Wort is legit it will make your high a lot stronger at least for me but who knows maybe it was just a placebo:confused_2:
  6. well 5-htp is for mood maybe you feel better + getting high makes it seem stronger? any studies to back up any of these chems?

  7. idk, ive heard it makes your high trippier and more psychedelic-like if that makes sense. i heard it is very noticable too. i was going to pick some up but its like 20 bucks for 30 pills at my CVS

  8. hmm i saw some that were only 10$ at walgreen's. maybe you should try there

  9. ya ill check them out, i wasnt really searching for some when i was at CVS though. just happened upon them at the store after hearing about them, and then generally assumed theyre expensive. ill check out walgreens next time i go tho, thanks
  10. Mangoes and i think vitiman B increases your THC receptors so if you eat allot of vitiman B then you will have better highs.
  11. Track down and ask StormCrow she's always preaching about taking omega-3... dont know much about it myself, but i was thinking of buying some soon.
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    Alright biochemistry time.. 5-htp is 5-hydrotryptophan and it's simply a common, organic amino acid that's extracted from dairy milk. This organic protein is metabolized in the liver to yield the chemical used by your body to produce the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin, among other brain chemicals, is consumed over the duration of your cannabis intoxication. The deficiency of this neurotransmitter is one of the reasons for the burnt feeling after smoking sessions; it's lack is also experienced by many long-term daily smokers as the brain must consume more serotonin each day to fuel the high.

    In essence serotonin is your brain's fuel for your highs and if you have more of it readily available because your body metabolized some anhydrous 5-htp then the high is going to feel fuller.

    If you love to get high but have to remember important stuff or study then I'd recommend this stuff as retaining a healthy supply of serotonin will aid your mind's ability to store information.
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    If you ask me, theres nothing that potentates weed. Ive tried every internet mythical bullshit trick, and ive concluded that anyone who claims it gets them higher is just effected by the placebo effect.
  14. Mangoes contain myrcene. Its a terpene that allows thc to more freely cross the blood brain barrier.

    Omega 3s nourish and revitalize our cannabinoid receptors. the more healthy receptors you have the more high you get.

    the rest are just mood enhancers except for vitamin c which works for shrooms not cannabis.
  15. honestly its all placebo affect, next time you pick up tell your dealer to tell you its Flame Super Skunk Rhino Club Chili Chuck Norris Dank. then you will get high because you think its fucking amazing

  16. naw i don't think so. The human body is all connected. The term is holistic health I think. How everything affects everything else. But think about it, weed affects that "holistic" system too. So logically, things you take in must have an effect on the highs one gets from weed. Idk exactly how to explain it, damn I wish storm crow was here!
  17. but placebo has a part as well, to a point tho
  18. Some people really underestimate the placebo affect such as 'it's just the placebo affect.'

    I think it's awesome we can become higher by thinking we're higher lol placebo's actually one amazing little kit we've got up in the main frame
  19. i seemed convinced that the 5htp is not a placeabo but i guess ill have to trry it myself to find out.

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