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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by weeddog, May 13, 2004.

  1. alright this is a tip for all growers if uall plants are being attacked by bugs use mouth wash(1/2 cup every 10 Gal. of water you pure)
    If the plants leaves are yellow or you just want bigger greener and more thc in your plants use ammoina (1/2 cup every 10 Gal.of water
    you pure) This should be done evry 3 weeks.
    Tip: mix it in with your water supply then pure it on your plant .
    Happy growing!!!!!
  2. HIGH All, mmmmmmm never heard of such things????? Me I don't need no stinking ammoina in my girls...why would someone put ammoina in anything that goes into your plants??????? Proof is what I want!!!!

  3. Out of his amonia and mouthwash producing asshole.

  4. HIGH All, was that nessasary Mustard!!!!

    highgirly420 ya I was just reading that...I hope people research what other people tell them to do when it comes to growing marijuana...don't want to Phuck up someone's grow which they take pride in. Bleach another that you won't see going into my plants, now when it comes to cleaning the room after every great.
  5. Was my comment nessicery? Maybe not, but like HighGirly said, do to my personality and under the circumsatance that i was raging to make a smart ass comment, yes it was.

    Now I got to say, the legitimacy of my comment about him pulling that information out of his "amonia and mouthwash producing" ass is about as legitimate as the information he has provided in this thread.

    So I have come to the conclusion his accusations are as much of a joke as mine ;)

    God I'm an ass sometimes.

    Mods, just let me know if I'm ever going to far. I'll cut down on my smartass comments.
  6. HIGH All, yes I relize some people are ass's...shit I'm one myself. I just think some comments aren't nessasary and your's was one of them at this time. I have no problems with smartass comments and sometimes think they are funny....but....some people go to far and the person on the recieving end ends up feeling hurt and that's not what we are here it?
  7. *nudges unoit* Oh come one, deep down you know it was funny.
  8. HIGH All, not at the time....but since you've been nudgeing me....and I hope you stop it soon *LOL*. But you do know where I'm coming from right my friend.
  9. *stops nudging you* Yeah I do understand where you're coming from..
  10. Hey u asshole highgirly420 I never saw a bud cause i only grew a male plant and i tried that shit on it and it worked I was just trying to help so dont be a motherfucker about it. And it aint going to damge it if u put small amounts.

    P.s. I got this from a video i ordered from a nother site on how to grow weed.

  11. HIGH All, you read the rules when joining...first warning!!! Name calling is frowned on in the City...

    Look I've been growing for 20+ yrs and never ever used Ammonia...yes piss contains it and there is Ammonia Nitrogen...the thing is when you have some input give us something to read..not too hard is it...and I still wouldn't use it.
  12. maybe thats why your plants turned male....cuz the

  13. Hahaha! That is a good observation. Makes sense.
  14. I just thought of something. If you're going to put some amonia in your water, put some bleach in there while your at it. I heard it's a real killer combination ;)

    P.S. Bleach mixed with amonia makes mustard gas(I would know, I'm Mustard), DO NOT mix them. And if you do, and die, or get seriously injured, I am not responsible for either... or for the loss of plants.
  15. ok so what video did you watch? and what site?
  16. HI

    that was an intresting read :) lol


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