Discussion in 'General' started by Mike Oxlong, May 7, 2003.

  1. dude strongbad is like my hero (besides Maddox)
  2. I've never liked stongbad, but all my friends think it's hillarious. Actually, there is one I like that has something to do with a college party.
  3. ironic for me that you should mention this, I've had my lappy top knackered for a week now and during that week all i have heard about is homestar runner from my friends. I never heard of it before last week. I just saw it today:


    Welcome to - It's dot com!
  4. i wasn't too impressed, i only watched a COUPLE THOUGH f-ing caps. i wish i could have seen the one that got banned by the uk. although i thiught it was funny thAT IT GOT BANNED. stupid caps
  5. I love it...but I've seen I have to wait every Monday for the new Strong Bad's hard sometimes!
  6. yea its pretty kewl:)
  7. haha Strongbad is tha shizzle!


  8. id have to say that maddox's shit is funnier but strongbad updates with funny shit more often, its a tie for me
  9. Yea, it's all about the SB e-mails. Although I enjoy most of the skits too.

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