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Strong CEVS from weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Brother Cannabis, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. I just started paying attention and focusing on the CEVS more than I have before. Before I was just too high to care, but now I care for some reason. Have any of you guys experienced strong CEVs after a long tolerance break, or just in general?

  2. I used to get amazing CEV's from coincided with me being in high states of consciousness, spiritually speaking, though...haven't experienced them in a while.
  3. I've always either gotten cev's or im very receptive to hypnagogic hallucinations, I'm not sure which it is. It happens with or without drugs though.
    Basically any time I close my eyes in a darkened place, especially during meditation, I have all sorts of colours dancing around. Usually they turn into neon-like faces or animals and I have pretty good control over what they turn into
    How would you describe your cev?
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    Very weird, very dream-like. I also saw alot of colors that accompanied the weird images. I distinctly remember that last night I had the weirdest hallucination where these characters/cartoon people kept turning into other animals and objects. It was INCREDIBLY weird... I don't know what you'd call that type of hallucination.
    EDIT: This was off some A++ sour diesel btw
  5. I achieved these, but these were very rare moments either during my first time, or smoking Grade A potent bud. 
  6. I get CEVs every time I toke up (unless I only take 1 or 2 hits). It's definitely one of my favourite parts of being high. I just close my eyes and go on a journey. I think a lot of it has to do with you and how vivid of an imagination you have. If I had to describe it, to me it looks like I'm travelling through a tunnel going crazy fast and everything is constantly changing and morphing into something else(sorry its hard to describe when ur not high). Shits cray.
  7. Actually I guess I didn't explain mine well
    When I'm high it sounds a lot like j roc's. I get the hallway thing and last night I noticed open cubes(like when you draw them) floating around and colliding and morphing into animals or cartoons or whatever.
  8. Check out binaural beats. Android and iOS. It will increase and tune them. Not to mention put you to sleep. I use Eden beats on android, and binaural. Shit is crazy...
  9. What app do you use??

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  10. Eden Beats is my favorite. I search different frequencies online. Shit is trippy dude. But I just searched and couldn't find it in the market.. I have it on my phone. But here is a link to the other one I use which is good too
  11. Much appreciated :)

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  12. CEV's were INSANE for me when I first smoked.
  13. fuck yeah when i first began using marijuana, the visuals id get when laying down with my eyes closes were super psychedelic.

    its almost like the visuals came in one long continuous burst. shooting image after image of objects at my peripheral that seemed familiar but took no recognizable form. such cool colors and deja vu from the images, even though they were never real objexts

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  14. I flew through a tunnel of light once and ended up on another planet.  One of the first few times smoking.

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