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  1. Whats up everyone. Just thought I had a stroke of genius, and would like to get the veterans ideas.

    For super stealth, why not have a tray or some kind of flat surface you can put dirt on, then set down on a hole you have dug outside. That way, you could throw a grow box in this hole, hook up electricity by running an extension chord undergroud from the house to your box, and as for air you could set up pipe coming up to the surface of your yard (which could also be easily disguised.

    The only drawback I immediatley thought was easy access down to the plant. But if done right, I think this has some potential. Please let me know what you think, or any added ideas or comments is greatly appreciated.

  2. not very stealthy if you have to exit your house and mess around in a suspicious hole in your yard. not to mention the difficulty of actually accessing your plants.
  3. Go ahead and build a shed, much less suspicious than a hole with a box on it with pipes and wires running into it.

    But your idea does have some merit.

    There is a guy around here somewhere that is growing in the crawl space under his house, as the plants get taller he digs them into the sand deeper.

    I think he said he could go down up to 6'. Anyway he has pictures and it's working.
  4. You can rent a back hoe for about 100 bucks an hour. That should be enough to dig the beginnings of a bomb shelter. I kind of like the idea. See issues with it, but it's a solid idea.
  5. I guess you could make it so you could just lift the box out of the hole to tend to your plants...would have to be relatively lightweight. I understand this is pretty impractical, but sometimes stealth calls for impractical methods:)
  6. right but if the police ever raided his house they would find his grow for sure. Could you imagine the cops finding your grow buried underground at a reasonable distance away if it was just a small 1 plant cabinet? Paranoia:)
  7. Listen, if the police are onto you, and you're growing, you're going to be caught.

    But as long as you arent growing a shit ton and selling for profit, regularly, to strangers, they will not mess with you.

    Police officers are people just like me and you. They get high, drink beer, go fishing, etc. If you arent hurting anyone, they really are not concerned with what you do in your house.

    An intelligent police officer will tell you the underground market of home growers and high grade marijuana is actually a crime deterrent.
  8. Alright, you've got me. How could it possibly be a crime deterrent if it itself is a crime in the first place.

    Im sad my idea didn't form into something viable. I do agree with you though 'Ihavethis' , the cops won't mess with me if i keep to myself. I hope it is that easy:eek:. I guess thats kind of what these forums do to satisfy some homegrowers, the ability to anonymously discuss illegal activities so you don't have to open your mouth around a friendly neighbor or "friends", acquaintances....its hard to not say anything, but smart people will never mention what they are doing. What does this accomplish? You get to smoke KIND KUSH.

    Underground lairs are sweet.
    I want to be Batman
    I need a mancave.

    Smoke it if you got it.
  9. Wasn't there a scene in The Union Where they discovered an old grow house that was made with some old train cars that were buried underground somewhere in Canada?
  10. I already use this method to some extent. I have an oil barrel with the bottom cut out and lights/fan set up in the top. As the plant grows I just dig a deeper hole. From outside it looks like an oil drum.
  11. I would love to see pics of that dasruckus!!!
  12. I'll get some up tomorrow for you.
  13. i thought it would be awesome to bury a storage crate and have a trapdoor access with a buried power cable to it. you could grow so many plants in those.
    just bury it where theres some cover and grow some vines and shit over it. then just sneak out @ night to check em.
  14. Here are two pictures of the drum I use. It doesn't look to great because I didn't have the proper tools to cut the bottom and that didn't help with the ease of putting Aluminum foil in.

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  15. lol NICE dasruckus. HA that makes me smile:):):)

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