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Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, May 27, 2003.

  1. strobe lights kick total and complete ass... thats about all i have to say...
  2. they kick ass even more if u have one of those ultra violet black lights on too.

    thats about all i have to say.

  3. Strobes are so great, unfortunatley you don't see them as much as you used to, because some people have had epileptic seisures because of 'em.
  4. i got my own! but its really wierd it works fine when the lights in in the room but when you turn it out it seems to slow down and stuff its really strange
  5. haha just thinking about when i posted that makes me laugh. i am seriously in love w/ strope lights. i had never seen one when i was stoned before and then at a friends party we had one on in the living room and this kid comes up stairs walks up says "what the fuck" then trips over the dog falls flat on his face! HAHAHAHAH! it was all in slow motion too. im gonna have to buy me one of those right quick.
  6. hell yeah they do! i have a strobe light in my room along with a black light, fog machine, mirror ball, and a disco ball! try doin that when u high! trips me out madd!
  7. I have a strobe and a black light. I bought some blacklight hairspray around halloween and sprayed wavy lines all over my ceiling and walls. You can only see it when the blacklight is on. It kicks ass.
  8. a great thing to do is...

    say someone goes to the toilet when u got your strobe on, get everyone else in the room in on this...

    when they come back and sit down, everyone else get up and do the zombie walk towards them... freeky shit. :D
  9. yes! that is exactly what we did to our drunk ass friend. he walks out of the bathroom to a empty room w/ no lights, so he walks in we turn the strobe on and run like hell at him! he nearly shat his pants, it was classic
  10. i'm a lights-tech, so i get to play with the big toys. how's about a terrastrobe at 1000W fit ya, or the even more impressive deathstar at 2500W... i love using those on metal-gigs :)
  11. wow 2500 watts of pure storbe! sounds like a good time in the making!
  12. imagine 3-4 of them blinking together, with loadsa' smoke and no other lihgts interfering. now that's awesome!

    i have this joke that when one goes to a metal gig i do lights on, you better bring sunglasses :)
  13. not a big fan of the strobe lights. my first trip on mesc my friend had all the eye candy going for us. we were in the bathroom playing with the water, the strobe light blinking right in our retinas. I felt myself catching the corner of the light directly in my vision, and felt myself being engulfed into the strobes..I was able to pull myself out at first, but kept letting myself be taken back in to (literally) the light..eventually the light was in my entire vision, I couldnt see anything but the light, I felt myself acting in this manor, knew I was loosing control, and eventually lost it. I couldnt see, I felt myself trying to "climb" the wall to physically help myself out of it. my brain got the overload from the lights. this all happened within 15-20 seconds maybe. my friends saw me crash against the wall and fall into a seizure. it was the worst thing that has happened to me..after, when I came around I was still heavily into the trip..if anyone has been on mesc, you might know the feeling of not being able to grasp reality and what just happened. every other minute I freaked out all over again becuase I had forgot what happened. my friends had to keep telling me. it was a horrible bad dream that I was actually having. the worst part was, my friend who thought they needed to stick something in my mouth to keep me from swallowing my toungue, stuck his hand in there (also heavily on drugs) and I bit down on it, driving my teeth through his skin. my bottom teeth were pulled forward when he tried to pull his hand out. needless to say I ended up in the emergency room. he ended up with quite a few stiches and I couldnt close my motuh right or eat for about a week.
    so thats my strobe light story. it took me a while to warm back up to them. and I havent tripped on anything since. not a glory story, but I thought Id share.
  14. hmmm, yea that would defentialy suck balls.... or clit in your case...
  15. man reading that totally off it man! i could feel everything that happened in the story!
  16. I like stroblights. not while high though, they freak me out, like, hide in the corner freaked out:eek:. but its cool to just sit ther and watch 'em[​IMG].

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