strobe lights??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tomtomslick, May 14, 2003.

  1. I have heard that you can set up your hps or floros on a type of strobe system and that the plants will grow like they were getting 24/7 light and that it reduces the light bill and heat output?? Anyone ever hear of such a system??
  2. No, I think a strobe effect would burn up a HPS ballast and bulb, especially since it takes an HPS about 5 minutes to warm up and really get to going.
  3. I think what you heard about was running the flouros when the HPS is off and providing a "midday sun" effect.

    Speaking of strobes, tho, has anyone ever tried growing with a strobe light in addition to conventional lighting?

  4. I knew that a hps was not likely to run from a stobe or even the floros because they both need warm up time. I'm trying to find this person again to ask some questions. I think he said he ran the strobes at night to defeat the thermal shit the cops have and I forget what he said the lumens were on the strobes but it was off the chart. I've been getting flyovers from a lot of choppers and have basically had to shut down the room at night. I guess I will just have to switch to floros at night
  5. I'm about to trial strobe lights as part of my 24/0 sequence. Also got CCFLs providing most of the light.

    Its a 1500w strobe light so I think a few things will happen

    • it'll kill my plants
    • it'll burn my plants
    • they'll mutate into sentient beings but they'll suffer from wicked epilepsy

    • They'll be deliciously thick, green and Dank
    Will post pics as it happens.

  6. duuuude, i'm baked and geekin over that right now. good stuff man, good stuff:smoking:
  7. I just found this thread because it came to me somehow as I was sitting here after smoking some chocolate chunk. I would really be interested in the effectiveness of this becaause a strobe has such high intesity bursts that perhaps shoots these photons in a more explosive manner. Howerver Im pretty sure that the speed of light is the max speed those little photons can go ergo a strobe shouldent have much of a benefit over conventional HID. Except for perhaps energy savings and the stealth factor mentioned above.
  8. the small incandescent bulb in your/your friend's strobe light will not do anything useful...
  9. Small? 1500watts of strobage?
  10. I think the strobe would be a good idea, ONLY if you were playing some sick ass techno music along with them!

    It might give your buds a nice acid effect!:hello:
  11. im gonna start growing using an actual strobe light. i looked up the xenon bulb and it provide enough blue and red light to grow plants

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