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Strobe light damage?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by THC101, May 2, 2004.

  1. Ok, awhile back on my first shroom trip i took a half 8th and i pretty much just layed down on the floor with this strobe light like..a foot in front of my face, and i got amazing hallucinations.

    i just got an 8th with a buddy and i want to bring a strobe into the picture again, but im afraid it does eye damage.. anyone got any thoughts/facts on this??

    thanks for any help

    *EDIT* basicly, would staring at a strobe for prolonged periods of time damage your eyes
  2. rotfl @ eye damage

    shrooms can kill u if u take too many
  3. i think he was talking about the light, not the shrooms causing damage
  4. i know but theres irony cus he's worried bout the light killing his eyes when the shrooms could kill him.
  5. No, read the question and read it slow... i said damage, not kill, i just dont wanna go blind in any way shape or form..

    and im not gonna die over a half 8th, get real
  6. I'm not sure if it'll make ya blind, but I'm sure it can't be good for you. Hah, sounds like a good time though. But if anything, I'd be worried about having a seizure or something. How bright is the light? Cause staring at just any light for prolonged periods of time, whether its flashing like crazy or not, probably isn't good.
  7. i got one any way but dont plan one putting it in my eyes, thanks for the input

    edit- its 8 pm, im off to eat the shroooooms, wish me luck , later
  8. Luck.

    Wear sunglasses
  9. the best visuals i ever got was while on acid from a 1" plastic globe that had 3 blue LED's inside. the globe was suspended on a stiff wirey thing that made it possible to 'twang' the globe to make it vibrate. the blue lights inside the globe then made circles and designs due to the motion. i did it for like 30 minutes and then it got so intense that beams of light spawned from the globe and it was like a god dam blue star.

    i hope that makes sense, its a simple thing but its difficult to explain.
  10. Xavior that sounds like a fun time

  11. the best things in life really are free :)
  12. Starring into a strobe light is probably pretty bad for your eyes, especially at close distances. Just set it up in the corner and instead of laying down, stand up and start doing the robot.
  13. you ever got a strobe effect while high? i was sitting at my computer awhile back baked and i swear to god it looked like there was a strobe light. i was sitting there doing the robot in the dark while my friend was laughing his ass off at me.
  14. MAN! I so know what you're talking about! My best friend and I smoked an oz. of chronic between three people (total) and we were walking down the street and my ear started making this crazy weird noise and everything i saw was in strobe. I was like, "Oh my God guys, help me out here." And then my friend started fucking with me and telling me there was a pizza in the oven, but thats a whole new story (I was also a lightweight at the time, hence Li'l Hit). Strobe lighting is the best (except for when it sneaks up on you for the first time in public).

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