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  1. Eh. Its alright. There's a shady one kinda by my house that the buddies and I will go after a long day of drinking.

    I spend too much. Make it rain on dem hoezzz.
  2. I went once in college. With my nerd friends and it was just awkward. My roommate paid for a table dance and since I was the only girl in the group, somehow I ended up with a faceful of stripper boobs and vag. Awkward. Too much money for me but hey if someone else likes it... I would probably go to a ladies night with some girls though. Sent from my SGH-I747M using Tapatalk
  3. The last time I went to a strip club I got cussed out by a stripper. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Happened to me my first time. I was... umm, shall we say very inebriated, and told them to fuck off. My sober buddy was smart enough to get me out of shit. Told them to call the cops if they thought we owed that much and pointed to a camera in a corner and said "that should back up your story, right?"
    From what I was told the next day at least. I remember very little.
  5. I'm bigger,badder and have a bigger wallet then my friends. I go in there and the gals brutally run their puss on my face. I had them licking my dick for a dollar. I could have fucked any one of them.
  6. The one I've been to a few times has a $20 cover charge but you can bring in your own alcohol and even your own cooler. The girls are pretty hot too! I always have a good time there, some strip clubs are real sketchy though..
    Yeah, that's what I did in college. 
  8. Look at it from a different point of view. You probably paid for some stripper's kid's braces or something. That child will have a nice smile. You should be proud.
  9. I used to go to them all the time and I prefer the rougher clubs. My favorite was the Great Alaskan Bush Company on Indian School Rd in Phoenix, AZ. Dunno if it's there anymore, but it was a fun place to go.
  10. I luv'em .. I always have a blast whenever I go to one .. feelin like a lil kid in a candy store .. hahaha .. the babez out here in vegas are dreamy as fuck with hella issuez ... lol ...
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    Never been to one not really my "scene" so to say and I don't like blowing money like that maybe one day I'll go to one just to say I've been.
  12. I went once a couple months after I turned 18. I was super nervous and had no idea what I was doing. I went up to the rail where a girl was nude and sat down, put 5 on the stage and the song ended like 10 seconds later lol. I then sat down, got a dance by a hot ass black girl for 10 dollars, who was whispering in my ear the whole time.
    Then the girl who was on stage before came over to me and thanked me for the tip. She looked like a typical barbie, skinny, blonde, fake tits, etc. Got a private dance (which was amazing), and didn't know I was supposed to tip. So when I went back out and sat down, they sent a chubby black girl over who had started like two weeks prior. We talked and I ended up getting a private dance. I ended up cumming in my pants about halfway through. She knew how to work that ass! I also didn't tip her, then did the walk of shame to my car with my jizz stained black basketball shorts.
    I would definitely go back if I had like 150 bucks to blow.
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    Lol I was jus talkin about this over the weeknd. Im not huge fan of strip clubs, only been to 2.....but my friends uest to go n kick it up at em cuz we got a few around here. Im not gonna get into the stories cuz I cant on GC.....but lets jus say.....the strippers were buyin my friends shots LMFAO
  14. Went for my first time last night and accidently touched a strippers vagina haha
    Was gettin a dance from one of the girls and she did this move where she spread her legs showing her cooch. She was really close to me and past the part where you put the cash at the front of the stage. When I went to tip her but there was nowhere to put it so I was just gonna put it on her, as I was reaching she started grindin in the air and hella humped my hand..
    She said "you're no allowed to touch me!" and I apologized profusely cuz I wasn't tryna get kicked out my first time there 
    All my friends made a big deal and started high fiving me and I'm like hell no Imma wash my hands the first chance I get lmao
  15. I went to one of them for lolz
    waste of money....
  16. Miami strip clubs are where it's at!
  17. everyone finds it awkward their first time stumbling out from a private dance with a raging boner loli always find the "did you enjoy that" question awkward haha
  18. So its normal to get a boner at a strip club right? Is everyone just walking around with a boner? LOLSent from my SPH-D710BST using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  19. I went into a disgusting strip club once when I was 16. I walked in and saw a pregnant stripper with a top and bottom on. It was so disgusting. I got kicked out like 20 seconds later. I don't want to ever go to one again. The place was also hot boxed with cigarettes and bikers.
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    Truth. When you wake up sober and realize how much you wasted, you're gonna regret haha. It would be easier and cheaper to just pick up a chick at the bar, just the drinks you gotta pay for. 

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