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  1. i gotta a good one!! this weekend we went down to TJ blazed. going across the border into mexico to drink and party is the best. Well after dancing the night away and getting just compleletly plastered, all my guy friends said " hey, lets go to a strip club." i didn't reaaly care seeing as i couldn't really walk. SO we get into this classy looking place tight (go figure too hun!? its TJ) and there are girls danicng. i'm just about to crash, and hear "hey Tara, go put a dollar in the girl's panties," so i say ok. What do i care. SO i walk up to the stage and put a dollar in the girl's panties. i'm about to walk away when she slaps my ass and stars grabbing it and shakes her boobs in my face. I turned bright red and started laughing hysterically as the whole strip club started clappnig. Needless to say, i don't think I'll be in any strip clubs anytime soon.
  2. you shoulda seen what she woulda done for a $20 :eek:
  3. [​IMG]You GO jada...[​IMG]party on girl!!

  4. ...and what some guys will do for a quarter, eh higha?! hehe
  5. come on..admit it. You liked it!!

    LoL cool little story. Where you from that you can go into Mexico so easily?
  6. ya got me stony......BUT THAT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!!!!! an all cause we was high :) an all cause the vest had shiney buttons it jus went from there....
    aint gonna forget that one are ye?
    yo, ok...if the ho needed a quarter bad enuff she'da "pretended to not notice her vest unbuttoned and thusly showin all the traffic in 3 lanes her :rolleyes: modest assets,....hoping against all odds for a pity 25 was a miracle someone took pity....
  7. i live in san diego county, CA, so its real easy to get there in like 30 minutes.And ya know, I won't deny it was fun, cuase i had a great time. Don;t get me wrong-there's no hope in it as a future profession, but it was a good time.
  8. I got the giggles real bad last time i went to a strip bar. Just watching some of those girls and guys being all serious during a lap dance makes me laugh. Lap dances are the most silliest thing to watch.
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    Im like bigpoppapuff. Id be all giggly cant see me in a strip bar. I dont think id want to goto a strip bar in TJ though. Cant help but think that everyone there has VD or somethin. I dont know. =)

    i think ill spark a bowl and think about it
  10. soooooooooooo THAT'S why they call you "Lady of Passion..." ;)

    you know I'm teasin Jada, what an embarrassing experience I would have turned red all over :D

    for a $20 I imagine you could have gotten a pretty interesting lapdance ;)
  11. when i opened this thread i expected pics :(

    oh well, an amusing story does me good too
  12. Sorry Da wodin, no pics!!! And ya know what Ms. Ganjaphish, it was pretty embarassing, but i was so wasted it didn't really matter. All my friends offered to pay for a lap dance if they could watch but i drew the line right then and there. like icecreamkid said, the probably all have VD, and besides, Men are just fine for me. But at least I got a good memory for life
  13. Jada are you sure it was a woman some of the clubs in TJ have very dirty we visited TJ last summer and my boy from NYC was loving this long haired pretty mexican getting mouth 2mouth shots for hours it was great ...she kept telling him she was special, Later my other freind and i sobbered up and realized what was so special ..... it was a Hombre ...what to do the little guy/GAL was having such a good time with my buddy .....Well guys are guys so about an hour more passes ..i'm still not sure if we should say anything it WAS SOO FUNNY ...anyway he vomited for like twenty minutes and he still wont talk about it.....
    WEll if my buddie TROY reads this HEY TROY meet any nice guys lately

  14. i was just guessing,hehe....
    am i HIGH or low?
    come on bbp i know you know ;)
  15. $20 bucks will get a naked chick rubbing up on you while you keep your hands behind your head in Nashville, TN

    $20 bucks will get a naked chick rubbing up on you while you roam your hands all over her in Tampa, FL

    I don't know what $20 will get you in Mexico

    And these prices above are from 4 to 5 years ago, may not be the same today.

    There little indian dude, hope that helps.
  16. lmao.....yes it does. i shall store that info.
    naked rubbing eh?,hhhm....ida thought they would charged more!
    i got a pretty good idea what 20 wuld get in mexico.....
    you are THE ANSWER MAN!!!!.
    an thanks for all the real help here an there in the last year...AND congratulations mr fancypants :)
  17. san de ,what a place, the beaches, the women stop your make me cry! i hope you aint that gal i woke up on the beach barryed in sand up to my neck with no close on ! my car stuck ing the sand with 4 1/2 pounds in the trunk!lol if you are! was that a hell of a sun rise or what ! if not !she was 5'3" and a blond doctor and she had just got off work ,and yes i was cheap that night and she loved ever inch of me for it! i just lol when she ask my name the next morning and i kissed her and i said don't you know me? i am tazz11 and walked away with the taste of her lip stick on my joint!
  18. just a little sin for my 666 post! lol
  19. Strip clubs just aren't worth it unless you're sitting right down at sniffers row (along the stage)...especially if it's bald beaver night!:D


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