Strip clubs are over rated.

Discussion in 'General' started by shittytoker, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Anybody else agree with me on this? Don't get me wrong I'm a straight full-blooded horny young male but nothing about strip clubs appeal to me.

    First there's the entrance fee which I don't mind paying if it's under $10 but anything more is too much especially when you don't even know who's in there.

    Then there's the bar which is (like any bar) ridiculously over-priced with a shitty range and bartenders with shitty attitudes.

    And the strippers are just ANNOYING. All I want to do is sit down and watch the show with a few drinks, talk to some friends but instead I get these strippers coming up to me who have horrible breath trying to make small talk with me and fake some sort of interest, looking for a tip. This would be alright in America or elsewhere but Australia really doesn't have a tipping culture. There's good minimum wage so they shouldn't be walking around making shit awkward for people who don't have the money to pay! They aren't even that hot and they expect me to pay $50 for a 10 minute lap dance. Seriously, $50!

    Then the other customers are a bunch of seedy old dudes who pay shitloads just to get the only hot girl in the club to talk to them for an hour.

    Is anybody else with me?
  2. When I went to a strip club with some buddys I wasn't into it. Girls who asked me if I wanted dances asked why I was there and I explained basically I don't get off by paying girls to be affectionate to me. Just not my thing, other people love it. its too fake
  3. Strip clubs are imo fucking gross.

  4. Agreed. That's basically my outlook too. I have a friend whom, unless he is lying, would rather pay for sex than work on getting a girl interested.:eek: I Just don't understand it..
  5. I should clarify this was a pretty shitty club in the early evening on a weekday. I'm guessing most of the popular times to go would prove to be more enjoyable but also more expensive.
  6. I'm with you on it. Yea its fun (kinda), but you only come out with blue balls. I never understood the point. My freinds always made me go. I feel so dirty and sleazy afterwards. Although the last time i went, wooo that was really fun kinda makes me think if it was a whorehouse or a strip club, Amazing just for the experiance. But the number one thing to get a stripper to run from u. Hey.. sweetie, just so u kno i have no money.
  7. Went to one strip club, but I've gone twice.

    The first was my 18th birthday. I got in free, there was only one drink minimum (which included N/A drinks :/ ) it was full nude, and all, and I mean all, the "dancers" were smoking hot... so I liked it a good bit. They were some of the few titties I had in my face as a teenager.

    The second time was ok, the b squad was in but they were still ok. And one of the strippers smacked me in the balls. Otherwise uneventful

    Strip clubs are ok for young dudes to go to once or twice... but other than that it is kinda creepy.
  8. i was in Sarasota Florida back in 07' when i was 17...went to club "Cheetah" haha

    full nude, full liquor. i got drunk with my brother who lived down there at the time.

    started drinking at his house, went to a place called Livingstons where its like a giant bar/pool hall/arcade/indoor go-kart racing. he convinced the bar tender who was sort of a friend that my 21st birthday was a week prior and i came to Florida to celebrate but didn't have an I.D.

    it worked and we got shit faced. decide it would be cool to try and get into the strip club next.

    he went to the counter, showed his I.D and stepped aside so his girlfriend could do the same as well as pay for the three of us. he dropped his I.D on the floor and i picked it up as quick as i could without being noticed while tying my shoe.

    got to the counter, tried using my thumb to hide the picture and remembered my brothers birthday. the girl took it from my hands, double checked the picture and let me in.

    was like heaven at the time but wouldn't do again, even though ill be 22 in a few weeks

    tl;dr yes, they are over rated
  9. I agree's just not the same when you're actually paying someone to get all over you and act all can pretty much tell they're acting and I just felt dirty afterwards as well. Plus all the old dudes in there getting dances was a little gross especially when some of the ladies were young enough to be their daughters.:hide:
  10. threw change at a stripper the one time i got dragged into going to one.
    those places are shitholes.....i'd rather watch free porn than pay for some whore to wipe their STD ridden vagina on my pants.

  11. I was going to say that as well:p
  12. Any place with girls desperate for money and horny, seedy guys is a shitty and overrated place.

    Which happens to be every place.

    Life is overrated.
  13. That is an extremely broad statement, sir;)
  14. As is life, sir. :cool:

    Daily interaction is a multitude of mirrored synchronicity.
  15. I never understood the appeal... I don't want to pay someone just to see their tits. There's no full nude strip clubs in MA. I don't see the point in paying some chick to take her clothes off when you aren't even gonna get any. Take a girl out on a nice date and you're more likely to get laid and probably wont spend as much either. So fuck that shit.
  16. Where I live, the strippers strip fully naked, try are beautiful, respectful and their breath doesn't smell.

    I'm a member of the strip club and I get in for free every time I go in.

  17. I still don't see the point. :confused_2:
  18. i love the strip club... theres this one girl ooooh man

    <------ this guy is stripper struck!

    whenever im in there she knows how to fuck with me!
  19. I'd rather fuck my girlfriend.

  20. I'd rather fuck your girlfriend too

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