Strip Club not being 21 any fun?

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  1. never been to a strip club, closest one prob like 40mins. but its something me and my friends were talking bout, none of us are 21 though so no liquor  :(, i feel watching girls dance a pole with me throwing ones while sober would make me realize how much money i wasted lmfao, i'd just smoke out before i went in and bring some prerolls, but then again if i walked out and back in i'd prob have to pay to get in again..?
    so idk i know someone on here has to have been to club before they were 21. let me hear the eperience!

  2. They should stamp your hand after you pay to get in.Some clubs a have a drink minimum. Why would you pay a skank to flash her cootch in your face if you cant touch it? I went to a strip club once or twice just for the experience. But I did not like it because i just spent a lot of money for nothing.
  3. If you're not VIP, don't bother.
  4. bring up good points lol, but like u said im mostly doing it for the experience but more i think about it less fun it seems, not going to be like the movies bringing some bitches home..
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    Only time I ever went to a titty bar that I didn't get disgusted was when they had a amateur night.
    a bunch of drunk college girls were there daring each other to strip....and doing it...
    I'll never forget that night...WOW!!! Beautiful girl next door types stripping....from street clothes, not skanky stripper costumes...
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  6. hmmmm, maybe i'll look into a club near a college  B)
  7. Don't go to a strip club unless you know there are some talented girls in there that are actually worth the money. Like:
  8. Do they have lap dances in your area?
    Do you have money to waste?
    If the answer is yes to both these questions go for it but don't expect to mack on the girls too easily.
    They're heard every line in the book and most of them are seriously jaded..
  9. if they dont have lapdances then im for sure not going, but not sure i gotta find a place considering i have never drove past/seen one in my area. luckily i have some money i dont mind spending, -only benefit of living with parents lmao
  10. Drink right before you go, problem solved. And you'll save money, fuck bar prices.
  11. Bar prices anywhere are fucking jacked. Take the above advice and drink enough to where you're drunk, but not noticeably from any of the bouncers checking your ID. 
  12. save your money by going to a dance club and hit on drunk sluts instead
  13. If you have the dough to blow they can be fun.   Wherever I go I get drinks passed to me by friends that are over 21.  Last one I went to my buddy went into a private room for $300 and said that he fucked the girl lol.  
  14. pay to be teased...? pffftttt
  15. I've only been to a strip club once, and I wasn't 21. I had a good time. I was hammered drunk though

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  16. ehhhhh don't expect beyonce and pornstar like hoes on the stage. More like a 35 year old with 2 kids, a pouched out stomach, and in the middle of college. I did enjoy seeing my first assclap, twas pretty impressive. Overall tho it wasn't that fun tho
  17. drunk at the strip club- zomg sexy sl00ts woot
    stoned at the strip club- why am I watching sl00ts on pole wat any chips.
  18. When I turned 18 I was living in Atlanta, Ga.  I went to a no alcohol strip club for my 18th birthday with all the adults from my Judo class, including parents of some of the kids WTF?
    Anyways it was alright.  It was the first and last time I ever went to the strippers.  It's worth going once IMO, drunk or not.   I still remember that beautiful black pussy with the gold piercing on her clit.
  19. Depends where you go. Actual pornstars make appearances at strip clubs in the San Francisco. Last one I knew of was Amy Reid. They make sure to plaster their names on a huge light sign so the world's thirstiest tourists know lol.
  20. Who goes to a strip club sober. That is like saying I want to watch the ladies dance with the lights
    I love amateur night. I live in college town ( Chico state) and put more then 1 dancer through college.

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