Stringy buds! Help with flowering!!

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  1. Hey guys, I am really in a pickle lol.

    I am towards the end of my 5th week in flowering. My buds are still just hairs and they haven't all densed up like I want them to. Some seem to be pretty dense but others are still really hairy and stringy. I'm afraid that I made a big mistake somehow and may have hurt my plants potency? I have 15 plants in a 7x6 area with 3 400W HPS lights. I thought the lighting could be the reason why the buds are stringy and not dense but I think I have sufficient lighting.

    I'm really worried about my girls and I have alot of time and money put into this grow!

    The plants have some brown hairs coming in, but some of the other hairs are still white. That worries me because I'm worried that I am far enough in that my buds should be dense!

    Also, my plants don't stink.. at all, which I find to be odd.

    Thanks guys, I appreciate you helping me out!
  2. got any pics???
  3. What strain are you growing aswell? The no smell thing kind of creeps me out!
  4. The buds will fatten up soon, don't worry. Most of the mass and weight increase is still ahead in the 6 to 8 week range. Sorry this isn't coherent but well... :smoking:
  5. capitate is right. you are right on the edge of where they start to fatten up. just be sure to give them their time the shittyest looking plants usualy end up suprizing the shit out of me. and the stinkin part they usualy dont do that bad until the fatterning starts and trichomes start forming if you want to avoid 60% of the stink. dont touch the buds.
  6. Did you start counting when you saw white hairs, or when you flipped the lights?

    Also sometimes, no matter how much light, the plant has stringy little buds, its in the strain make up. But some strains look pretty weak untill the last two weeks when they fatten up.
    I would wait it out.
  7. Superthrive and a lack of CO2 can also cause stringy buds.
  8. I'm growing 2 different strains; White Widow and Super Hash

    Unfortunately I didn't label which plants are which, I know... Dumb move!

    I really hope these plants turn the corner and turn out great, I have a few plants that just look like the bomb! I also have a few others that look like the are just covered with white/brown stringy hairs. Also, some of my plants are litreally covered with crystals and it's beautiful and some of the other plants look like the buds are really dry (if that makes sense?
  9. are the plants closest to the light the ones looking worst? also some plants take a week longer to get to the same stage their sisters are.
  10. pics????

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