string cheese incident

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by feelin phine, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. this band rocks, i saw them the other night in raleigh and it was amazing. Check them out
  2. yea they are really good i was gonna go to asheville the other night but couldnt make it. hey feelin phine youre a phish phan right
  3. dude, i just missed going to the show in asheville too. i am pissed cuz some friends went and i didnt. anyway, they are awesome

  4. yea man i love phish, tickets go on sale may 17 for the raleigh show so ill be there.
  5. i might go to raliegh and charlotte and atlanta. hey supafly how was asheville. you gotta tell me.
  6. they need to haul ass to dallas

    man i love string cheese incident i listen to them all the time i just hope they get added to the roo list

    they have such a good vibe it just always makes me smiles its just so good
  7. hey kcme u going to phish anytime this summer. i just put my name in the auction. tickets are like 50 bucks though. expensive but i cant wait

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