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Strike 2; 3 and you're outta there

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TBPro, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. #1 TBPro, Feb 9, 2011
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    So, i was just caught for the second time. Let me explain my case.
    • I am an 18 yr old Senior in high school.
    • I've been smoking weed for about 3 months now.
    • I live with my mother, step-dad, and step-sister.
    • I do not own a car, and thus cannot get a job to buy one, oh joy.
    • My mom won't let me hang out with my friends, except for maybe 2 times a month, and she is always suspicious i am getting drunk or high.

    For the first two months i smoked, i was just a social stoner, I got high with my friends when my mother would let me out of the house. Then i finally bought a quarter of schwag(all we have here, I mean that is ALL), and was gonna smoke it at home. I was chillin with my homie after school, and he smoked me up in his van(sick ass hippie jealous lol). We went and chilled with the dude we were getting the hookup from, and he smoked us up. We rolled a blunt out of my quarter and smoked a few bowls. We then went to his house, and smoked like another bowl and a half. By this time I was BAKEDDDD(due to my low tolerence), and just wanted to go home.

    It was like midnight so i figured my mom would be asleep, but i sprayed with some of this trippy smelling cologne he had. Well my mom was waiting for me to walk in the door, and she smelled the weed instantly. She came and talked to me about it, and just said things like "you'll end up like all the potheads who drop out" and some shit. She never directly told me to stop, and i promised i wouldn't end up like a drop out loser, and that was that.

    A few weeks go by, I finally got the balls to smoke in the house and i got away with it untl today. My sploof hadn't been changed in weeks, so it reeked of weed. Too bad I noticed this after I used it, and so did my mom. However, she said it smelled like cigarettes (might have something to do with smoking a cig with it last time I used it), and she freaked. She told me if I didn't stop smoking them in the house, she would take all my electronics, and make sure I can't leave the house except for school. She never said a punishment for this time, but i imagine it has something to do with: NO FRIENDS PERIOD. Gonna be a boring month for me until I go to spring break with my dad. So my question to you is, should i smoke weed in the house as she never specifically said I couldn't. And if so, do you have any suggestions so I don't get caught again?

    tl;dr my mom basically has me on house arrest, i have no vehicle, i got caught once due to smell on my person, and I got caught again today, but she thought it was a cig. I have a half of some nice buds(for here, shitty everywhere else)and I probably can't freely smoke til spring break in a month, and I can't even openly smoke there, I just get away with it due to naive people. Oh, did I mention: I REALL want to smoke? D:
    So my question to you is, should i smoke weed in the house as she never specifically said I couldn't. And if so, do you have any suggestions so I don't get caught again?

  2. parents house live by the rules till you get a job or something my parents drive me to work becuse i dont have a car save up 100 and get a magic flight launch box or find some buddys to move out with
  3. I would move out now, but I don't have nearly enough money, and I don't have a vehicle to get to a job. My parents will not drive me to work, I have asked, they say they have "too many other things to do" which usually consists of sitting on their asses watching tv.
  4. Dude, get smarter about it. If you are going to smoke, find a place to do it at night or when mom is not home. I mean, it sounds like she is getting pretty pissed. I would start treading lightly and be a little more careful about it.

    How sneaky are you and do you have a door chime or alarm system? Got a dog? Start walking the dog every day or whatever to get out of the house and smoke a J. Bring a hoodie or something and when you come home from the walk drop it in the hamper or toss it in the wash. You just gotta be more careful.
  5. Your mother pays for everything you have because you don't have a job and you're looking to cross her that bad?

    Dude. It's just some weed. Respect for your mom is much more important. We all love toking, but have a blaze on a walk home from school or at least try and sneak out. Doing it right under the roof she pays for when you know she dislikes it and trying to get around it on a technicality of "she never exactly said I couldn't smoke weed" is pretty weak.

    I'm trying not to be rude, but I think you should have more respect for your momma than that.
  6. wow thats shitty man thats just bad parenting wtf my parents want me to find a second job lol both know i smoke but i vape in my room no smell and i have to hide my shit from my brother so he wont smoke it or sell it dude if i found a job and i couldent get a ride from my mom i would be pissed it takes 5 mins to get to my work and she is off from 3
  7. yeah I used to wait for her and my step-dad to go to sleep and smoke, but i got cocky. :(
    There is never a time when I am home and both of the 'rents are gone. My step-dad does not work(retired at the age of 45, he knows the plan my friends), and my mom gets home at 4-ish every day.

    My mom is trippy about me going outside, because I have never been one to go outside very often for seemingly no reason, due to living where there is nothing to do. She always trips when I go outside for anything, and we have dogs, but they're outside dogs.

    I understand where you're coming from, and I agree to an extent. I love and respect my mother very much, but it was her choice for me to not get a job. See I have always made excellent grades, and I have a program at my school that helps "gifted" students like me get into college easier. She told me to focus on this instead of a job, and she would give me her old jeep for my birthday last year, instead she sold it for scrap metal.

    I know it's just weed, and I agree it's not something that should come between my parents and I. I would understand it more if she gave me a little more freedom, I 18 years old and she still regulates my time spent with friends. I can't walk home from school, because I live on what we call "the mountain" which is just a big ass hill south of town. I live about 12 miles up "the mountain", and I don't really want to walk that far. :p

    I might just try sitting outside my window when I REALLy want a toke. Thanks for all the ideas, and I really hope it doesn't come across that I do not love/respect my mother, because I do very much. I just wish she would give me a little more freedom, even if it was just a job. It gets very boring sitting at home all day with no friends or weed.

    To everybody that reads/responds to this thread: I am sorry that I am so long-winded, but I have always been one to write up most of the details when I am typing.
  8. Never smoke in the house again, just be smart and keep it outside.
  9. yeah, I kinda agree, but every time I bring it up they change the subject or turn on the tv or something like that.

    Do you suggest doing the sneak out method, or do you have any other ideas?
  10. She's just looking out for you bro. While she may be overly paranoid about how your gonna turn into a dropout...there are people that get too caught up in things. For example, you are on here asking us to help you to justify smoking despite her telling you not to (She didn't expressly say don't smoke pot, so I can right? stuff). Parents back out of promises all the time. Sometimes for good reasons (if it was sold for scrap it probably was expensive to put on the road and was not legal to drive) and some bad (she forgot, pissed at you for the pot thing, etc.). Parenting is hard and some do it wrong. Too much and you get a momma's boy...too little and you get a stripper. I think you should back off a while since they are looking for it. One little mistake and then you are on serious lockdown. And when you say you would move out if you could...please please please tell me it's not just over this weed business. It's a lot harder out there than you think. Going from HS+home and no job to college+own place and 1 or two jobs...dude you will be taking a big risk on screwing up school at least at first. Lots of people do it and very successfully, but it can be really hard for others. Just want to see you end up happy man and succeed. Stay at home for a few more years, put some money away, go to school (college or other), bang a bunch of girls or find one that is super special. Just don't get all silly over some weed. Your 18 i think you said, you got years to get high*.

    * Unless the world ends at the end of the Mayan calender...then you are pretty much screwed.

  11. I posted that in a different thread. Thought it might help. I think, in your situation, you should go for walks, if the weather permits. Use this time to smoke. If your mom would know what's up with this, then the next option is to abuse the privacy and ventilation of her bathroom.

    Finally, should you find a method that works for you (as it seems you had with the sploof) for a while, the most important thing to remember is DO NOT GET TOO COMFORTABLE. Never, ever, get too comfortable. A. What you are doing is illegal. B. Your mom is totally not cool with it. C. It's your mother's house.

    So, just fucking remember that, no matter how many times it's worked in the past, doesn't mean it's going to this time. Always be careful, and use extra precautions. From the advice I put in quotes, you can see I probably did more than was necessary to avoid getting caught. The point is, that you are not trying to do the minimum effort in order to not get caught -- the reason for this is that it just sucks too much if you do, that it makes it worth it to put in the extra, possibly unnecessary effort to ensure that you don't. It only takes one fuck up, one time man. You've already done it twice, in just three months of smoking time. You really gotta step your game up if you plan to be in it for the long haul.
  12. I know this has been recommned many times on many different occasions, but get yourself a MFLB, a tiny (fit's in the palm of your hand) vape, a $100 for the kit.

    I you really need to get high, this may be your best bet, it has worked for me, but that is just my experance.
  13. mflb is amazing i love it gets you baked as fuuuuck the only thing that is bad is the tube gets gunky but an 10 sec iso bath solves that
  14. Nah man its not worth it. Gain your Mom's trust back, get out of high school, go to college and you can smoke pretty much freely. Its your parent's house, so their rules go.
  15. If she doesn't want you smoking in the house, why would you? I would figure out all the other shit in your life first. You shouldn't just move out on a limb so you smoke hella bud.
  16. if my mom treated me like that id snap... seriously ur 18 and ur getting treated no different than my lil niece.
    You gotta stand up for yourself and go out even if she doesn't wan't you too. its your fucking life why would you wanna spent it at home all the time..

    As much as i hate fighting with my parents.. i stand up for what I believe.. my mom doesn't like it when i smoke weed i told her straight up i dont care anymore wat you think, i told you all the facts and it went in one ear and out the other , so i don't care if u don't like the fact that i smoke.

    anyway, just man up and tell her ur 18 and that you need more freedom to live your life..

  17. Hahaha. "Mom I'm 18 I'M SMOKING WEED IF I WANT!!!!" Would have went over great with my ma... :rolleyes:
  18. This. You have the rest of your life to party, OP. Man up and live by their rules or move out.
  19. Thanks for all the comments guys, and I think I know what I'm going to do. I think I'm just going to try and talk to my mom about everything, not just about bud. I agree that she deserves more respect than me doing all this sneaky-ass shit, so I think its time I told her how I feel. Wish me luck guys!
  20. good for you bro hope its all good

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