Strictly friendship: is it wrong to ask a friend of a friend if there's something wrong?

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  1. Basically I've had some tough luck with friends this year. I feel like I've learned a lot though. I'm trying to be transparent and honest without being overbearing. Anyways a really good friend of mine suddenly ceased communication with me. I've been over analyzing myself and I can't find anything that I did wrong. I messaged her friend asking if there was something bothering her. I'm starting to regret it because I haven't gotten a response yet. I know if they're my friends they'll understand blah blah blah... but I still try to hold myself accountable in these situations. Is there anything I should do now or anything I could've done better?
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  2. Only thing you can do is keep trying, if you really value the friendship.

    I hate when people pull shit like this, they just stop talking to you and leave you feeling like you've done something wrong because they're too much of a coward to talk about things. (that is, unless there's very serious circumstances that we don't know about)

    If I were in this situation and I didn't feel like I've done anything wrong, and the other person refuses to communicate, I wouldn't spend any time worrying about it. It's not fair to you.
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  3. I can't help but worry. The only thing I can see happening is my past friends saying bad things about me. I was in a really bad place last semester and my college gossips like high school. Honestly I think I'm just paranoid. I really care for these newish friends but if I don't get a response I'm just going to drop it. I've had enough of bending myself backwards for people and I'm at a time in my life where I just need to watch out for myself.
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  4. Get some new friends
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  5. Stand up man. If you're actually interested in saving what you believe to be a friendship then confront them. Get in their face and nice ask What the Fuck is up.

    If they're your actual friend they'll tell you and you can maybe work it out. If they aren't then it wasn't worth your effort anyhow.

    The last thing I'd do I s turn this into a damn soap opera. Either they want to be your friend - or not.

    Confront them and ask WTF is going on.

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  6. Who gives a flying F¥€K??? Confront them - ask them WTF and if they're worth it they'll tell you. If they aren't then who cares anyhow.

    You said it well above - screw bending over backwards for ANYONE unless they prove themselves to be an actual loving and caring friend.

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  7. Confide in those you trust. Most all people are selfish liars with a hint of narcissistic creativity to boot. Complicated Psychopaths and money-movers is what we are!
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  8. Don't believe the hype, and don't listen to rumors.
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  9. jerry111165 ^^^ is correct, face up and ask ...whats going on ...but be nice about it

    good luck
  10. She's actually been struggling with some health issues I didn't know about. Feel like a bit of a jerk now :/
  11. Oh that sucks....hope she is ok...

    However, most adults don't just sever relationships unless there is something really bad that happened. And i think you would be aware of that bad thing. Most Adults usually just lose touch with friends over time or are too busy in their own life (school, work, family obligations, etc). If it happens again with this person or someone else, try not to assume there is something bigger going on other than they are just busy. It will just create anxiety and drama. I would try to contact them once and then let them return your call. Thats My 2cents...

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  12. So you don't see anything you did wrong but you're posting on GC about it? Seems like something happened
  13. I have friends I haven't spoken to in years, we see each other, it's like we never stopped talking, no big deal.

    The problem is that your looking for your friends to fill a void in your life that you should be filling yourself and because those friends aren't filling it, your left with a feeling of regret or like there is something missing.

    You need to become a more complete person.. Put these emotions your having into something productive, rather than something self-destructive.
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