Stretchy White Stuff on My hydroton (firstdwc)

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  1. so about a week or so into my first hydro grow. ive start noticing some white patchs on the hydrotons. im around 5.8 ph -1+1 , no nutrients added yet. Using Tap water left out for 24-48 hours with 50 PPMs
    ive heard it can be salt deposits but the first photo is the rocks 2 days aago. this freaked me out and i thought mold right away
    then i decided to changed the rocks on the spot, cleaned them from the dust , and re-put them back into the net pot slightly wet.
    this is now what i have 2 days later/ slight white patchs.
    have you guys ever experienced this in dwc?

  2. I've noticed it before but didn't really give it a second thought. I just figured it was dried deposits from top feeding nutes. I haven't noticed it since my roots established and I quit top feeding. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  3. word thanks for the input, only thing i havent put in any nutes, should i give it notes thrrough top feed till the roots drop down?
  4. its salts/water/nutrients
    mold is fuzzy like a teddy bear
  5. Yea it looks exactly like salts .. What puzzles me is that you say you've only watered with 50 ppm (conversion scale?) tap.. So where are the salts coming from??
  6. Are these brand new hydroton? or are you re-using them?
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    thats whats actually has me a little confused as well. my only explanation is the location where i live. the tap water ive found out is ran past limestone and mixed with minerals/other stuff, I live in the U.S NE region, 50 ppm and by conversion scale you mean what is calibrated with? 1500 ppm NaCl, sorry first dwc
    brand new hydroton, they were never used
  8. Did you rinse them well?

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