stretchy plant, HELP

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mh523, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. yes but you keep disreguarding that chances are this person still lives with his parents, like me, and dosent have that kinda money to spend (i do because i work full time), im just trying to make sure his interest is right, if he goes and gets the bulbs to do it it means hes serious, simple. thats what i did. And if you think for a second my plants arent gunna grow thats fine my speciallty is showing people im riiight :smoking::smoking::D:D Because i done some reading, i own 3 grow books, lotsa the same info but the diff authors give diff tips, which are def worth trying.
  2. oh your plants will grow, but compare a little charlie brown pot plant to what I have (and I only have a 400w MH/HPS), and the former is only a waste of time.

    what does living with parents have to do with anything? like I said, save your allowance and buy some damn bulbs. it's not a matter of opinion here, it's not an old wives' tale, plants need light to grow. A tiny little 7w is going to provide barely enough light energy to drive photosynthesis, and it will be completely insufficient to allow the plant to properly flower and reach harvest.

    I'm really not sure why or what you're arguing :confused: I told the guy to get more bulbs, told any other noobs the same thing, you told him the same thing, what is it you're contesting?
  3. just got a new CFl light, 125 W
  4. nice, make sure its warm enough for them (75 degrees aprx.)

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