stretchy plant, HELP

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  1. how do you deal with a stretchy plant?

    lowering the light doesnt seem to help!?

    my plant is 10 days old
  2. What type of light and how much? (cfl's, HID, wattage etc.)
  3. its an energy saving light bulb 7W? ,

    i know, its a joke, i know i need to get cfls but, my plant seems to be doing fine though.
  4. Hi,
    there are a lot of things you can do. you could top it or lst it..(low stress training) but it sound like there may be another problem here.

    what kind of light have you got?

    what kind of temp is it?

    plant type?

    the list goes on...

    if it is a seedling then sounds like weak light...or its too hot..

    maybe give us some more details and we could try to help..

    take a look at this white widow i just had to tame! it was gonna blow the roof off i think!


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  5. haah, that plant is out of control. ahah
    i got shitty energy saving light bulbs 7W candle ones, that dont get hot.
    temp is good not too hot
    dont know the type of weed, just random seed from a random bag

    i think its the weak light then...
  6. for sure i would can that 7w and get some 100W CFLS going..and a fan

    good luck

  7. hey dude, does ur plant look like this...
    If so here is what you NEED to do to clear that up, it will require you to spend money but can use what you have now, but go out and buy a 3 pack of 23w 100w equivalent CFL light bulbs from Wal-Mart its under $10. Now with that, you should check how hot it is in your spot, if its anything other than comfortable when you put ur hand where the light is pointing you need to adjust accordingly, if its too cold, you need to add a heat lamp, Halogen works good for heat but not good to grow (wrong color, or light spectrum is the proper term). Now if its too hot, you need to get air flowing. See i subscribed to a couple forums looking for help (those stretchies are my current plants) but those guys are PROS and like they just dont understand that dudes like us dont wanna have an undercover Op in your house. Nor do you wanna spend alot of money. Of course you can grow one plant under one light for its whole life but it will take forever (6 months+) and with no air flow the plant cant breathe (CO2). You CAN grow with just a light n a cabinet but you wont get much more than a few grams, and alot of waisted light and time but what it does teach you is that you CAN do it and actually make off with bud that gets you higher than most conventional weed you buy (unless you got a dealer in the KNOW). This is what those plants look like now after 5 weeks, i bought
    -3 pack of 23w 100w equivalent CFL's -$10
    -1 24'' Grow light from wal-mart $10
    -1 HPS (High Pressure Sodium) Ballast (look at your streetlight, if its yellowish, chances are thats a High Pressure Sodium, bc thats exactlly what i have, a street light. Haha Home Depot $75
    -1 Bag of fertilizer (5-3-3) $10 Home Depot, the 5-3-3 refers to how much NPK or Nitrogen-Phosphrous-Potassium level is in the fertilizer, Which is pretty essential to it growing quicker bc although you CAN use miracle grow, i did and the plants used ALL the fertilizer in about a month(rated to fertilize for over 3 months) and now my plants started yellowing at the tips, Nitrogen imballance. Beings why i got a 5-3-3 and not something like 10-10-10 because i need nitrogen and in small incraments because i was asking the EXACT SAME question two months ago when i started out on my "educated" growing. I really am not far ahead of you, it may look like i know alot but its only book knowledge, someone who can really help you is guys who've been growing for a long time and have actual grows under their belts, i only have one prior to today. So now that im done ranting about nothing but text book ways to grow...This is what they look like now at 5 weeks from those stretched shits you see above...[​IMG]...oh and what that guy said about stress training, its real if you thought straining a plant would kill it, it does the opposite, it makes the plant grow strong, if you stress it moderatlly, ill show you because i tried it and i was succesful...[​IMG]...That is right, a corkscrew haha. ya man im new but if your for real, grab a book, they sell them at borders, its an AWSOME thing to get into, but i am no way telling you to grow and sell, this is purelly for personal use.:smoke: message me if you want more advice bro peace.
  8. hey srhtoker-what is that strian you have there? Spaghetti Bud?

    looks like you have them in heavy bondage already!

    thats funny dude...

    what happened to those anyway? let me guess, you got a buzz and put some tomato sauce and parmesean cheese on them and ate em? "just funin"...looks like you did what you had to do...

    nice lst there too..

  9. haha yea, i started out the SAME way just went and grabbed a bulb (edison 57w Halogen) and did what i thought should be done put a light on a pot and the plant will grow....till i saw the spaghetti strain and started asking questions...which my first was why are these stretchy, now two months later im a little bit more of a "vat" of knowlege, because of books and forums like this, its a great way to step your game up the right and cheapest way...its mucho beneficial to educate because you will then in turn make things better, notice things yourself, make a hypothesis kinda guess and check, then come and ask questions, this place is a gold mine if the right people help you....experience experience experience thats all there is to it, practice makes perfect plain and simple.:smoking:
  10. 10 days old from seed? Up the wattage of your light to stop the stretch. Keep the humidity up and the temps down. Good Luck.
  11. No it isn't. Needs more light.

  12. i think tits obvious it's a weak light. 7 watts??? get some nice higher watt cfls man. keep the light 1-2 inches from the plant. it'll slow its roll.
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    You not growing anything with 7watts.

    If your gonna seriously grow something Illegal grow it like a baby not a joke.

    Get atleast 100watts.
    You spend 13 bucks on a 6 pack of 23 watt CFL bulbs you got enough for 2 plants basically.
    23x6=138Watts + 7watts =145watts.

    Get some Y-splitters and rig up some sockets and youll be in business.

  14. I don't understand why people waste their time with such piddly little bulbs....there's a reason those who don't post threads like these are those who use sufficient lighting. It's not like they're even expensive! Come on guys, put the $50 into it so your plant has half a chance of surviving...
  15. thanks all
  16. Not everyone has that much money to just drop and i know you prolly think then just dont do it but who gets hurt by trying? Good Luck Dude, my advice will take you to 5 weeks after that you need to start reading.
  17. yo , thanks for your stretchy plant pics, mine dont look that stretchy compared to yours.

    im getting 125W CFL soon, my grow room temp and humidity is fine but, how important is the fan?

  18. I think, most of us, have screwed up the first time. Hell, First time for me, I killed all the laddies, and grew the males. It was, a right off. So, clones of Widow, took me to a whole new level. A level of confidence.

    Dude, you will get the swing of things, but it's true, you do need, to spend a bit, in order to gain, allot. How are you going to smoke that string plant. I suppose, you will get, 3 grams, of dried, shitty, bud. No Offense dude.
  19. if you dont have the $ to buy even half-assed equipment, you don't have the $ to grow, period. unless you're growing outdoors, you're going to be wasting your time. you won't learn much of anything because the plant will be so weak and malnourished and stunted, it likely won't even make it to harvest. why waste your time when all it takes is some cheap CFLs from Home Depot? $50 ain't shit, it's 1/8 oz of bud. save up your allowance for a few weeks and the worthwhile light will give you a worthwhile grow.

    btw, it's the solution to his problem, so don't bother telling me my advice is bad.
  20. which fan? if you're referring to a fan inside the grow space, it's not necessary but it's definitely a good thing to have. keeping the air circulating ensures the plants are able to breathe as well as they can, keeps temps more even, and is said to grow stronger stems. if you're talking about the intake/exhaust fan, it's pretty important to bring in fresh air and exhaust the old. unless you're opening the cab multiple times every day, you'll need a fan to do the air exchange for you. some people use computer fans for small, single-plant grows. I use a couple of 500cfm 8" inline duct fans, but my grow is 3x3x5 and has 4 plants in it

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